the actor fell off the stage during a battle scene

the actor fell off the stage during a battle scene
the actor fell off the stage during a battle scene

On Monday evening Ian McKellen was taken to hospital for checks after falling from the stage during the Player Kings show.

Ian McKellen had an accident during the Player Kings show he is starring in in London and was transported to hospital yesterday evening after being fell from the stage of the Noel Coward Theatre.
The star, who is 85, was playing John Falstaff during a battle scene when he tripped.

The cause of the accident was Ian McKellen

Viewers explained that the actor immediately shouted for help and felt pain in his arms. Ian McKellen was promptly helped by the theater staff and two doctors who were present in the audience, who was evacuated from the theater within minutes.

Accident at the theater for McKellen

Furthermore, in less than ten minutes he was transported to hospital and photos of the moments in which the actor was transported by ambulance were shared on social media, with theater employees committed to ensuring his privacy by forming barriers around him thanks to white panels that prevented the creation of photos and videos that were disrespectful of the moment of difficulty faced.

The reassurances on the actor’s health

Spokespeople for the Noel Coward Theater subsequently released a statement in which they declared that doctors had carried out all the necessary checks and gave the good news that McKellen will recover soon and is in good spirits. The performance scheduled for Tuesday 18th was obviously cancelled, to allow the actor and the other cast members to rest after the scare they experienced a few hours ago.
The producers also thanked the public for the support shown after what happened and wanted to praise Rachel and Lee, the two doctors who were among the spectators and promptly intervened to help the star, as also confirmed by those who were witnessing the show.

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