“For the resolution on the Campo dell’Oro project, much ado about nothing”

“For the resolution on the Campo dell’Oro project, much ado about nothing”
“For the resolution on the Campo dell’Oro project, much ado about nothing”

Councilor Paola Rossi

We receive and publish. Much ado about nothing is the title of a very famous tragicomedy by William Shakespeare, published and performed all over the world, played on the misunderstandings generated by the bad use of words or, we will say in this case, by the misunderstandings generated by reading to say the least superficial of a resolution.

There is a cry of havoc and one mayoral candidate even firmly denounces a “dubious legitimacy and suspicious timing”. So the “review” is welcome, as promised, in the event of victory: it will be able to carefully verify the content of the council’s resolution. You will be able to read that the project of the discussed thousand square meters of commercial space – in any case foreseen by the Area Plan in an area that has never been completed and which is therefore in a state of progressive abandonment – has not yet been approved but it was decided to establish in advance that over 600 square meters (double the amount due) will become municipal property and will be allocated to the Metropolitan Police and Civil Protection and it will read that it has been agreed and obtained that another 200 square metres, although they will remain private property, will have uses of social interest; also obviously many public and private car parks.

The spaces of social interest will overlook an elevated square which will be open to the public in accordance with what has already been achieved in other European cities with the well-founded hope that the project, if presented, can constitute a qualification and relaunch of an area which is currently highly degraded .

I underline: having presented it on the last day is not a consequence of “suspicious intentions” but more simply of my expressed desire to complete, and sanction with a regular public document, a very in-depth investigation activity which required a lot time to get to the bottom of a story that started sixteen years ago and originates from acts from over thirty years ago; documents that are sometimes confused, sometimes incorrect, sometimes incomplete and documents that cannot be found and have finally been found.

I wanted correctly, with my resolution, to clarify an otherwise ambiguous administrative procedure and to give the new administrators who will come a clear framework to be able to proceed in full legality and correctness. And I ask forgiveness if I only reached my goal in the last few days: the commitment was arduous and I thank those who worked with me and my fellow councilors, present in the council meeting, who supported me by understanding my good and transparent intentions. The architect Paola Rossi.

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