Hundreds of accountants won the Revenue Agency competition: Checco Zalone was right

It is one of the symbolic scenes of the film Here I go by Checco Zalone from 2015: the former senator played by Lino Banfi gives Checco a slap when he asks him if he should resign as a civil servant and take the severance package offered by a ministry manager and scolds him: «Don’t swear! The permanent position is sacred.” And throughout the film Zalone clung to that permanent position. Which must be back in fashion now, as he reveals Italy Today: hundreds of accountants have decided to abandon dreams of career and wealth by taking part in the public competition for a position as an official at the Revenue Agency.

Accountants and the Revenue Agency were professional adversaries until now

The news is sensational not only for the abandonment of the private profession, but also because almost 400 of them seem to have made it through the list of winners of the competition, and will now go to military service calmly on the other side of the barricade. Revenue Agency officials and accountants until a minute earlier were armed against each other, given that they are the two parties involved, and now thanks to the “permanent position” extolled by Zalone they will become desk or office companions .

Freelancing is no longer attractive and no longer allows for the high incomes of the past

As the economic newspaper edited by Pierluigi Magnaschi writes, «a permanent job can guarantee a whole series of certainties that, at least today, professional activity can no longer ensure. The first of all is represented, without a shadow of a doubt, by the quality of life and the free time you can dedicate to your family and your passions. The other aspect that should not be underestimated is the fact that practicing the profession of accountant, but also that of other similar categories, is no longer able to offer incomes of a certain consistency as in the past. It is the combination of these arguments that has convinced many accountants to leave the firm and begin a new professional experience directly employed by the Revenue Agency”.

Ernesto Maria Ruffini, director of the Revenue Agency

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