positive Ghisolfi-Ramadani meeting, Church and beyond the issues of the day

positive Ghisolfi-Ramadani meeting, Church and beyond the issues of the day
positive Ghisolfi-Ramadani meeting, Church and beyond the issues of the day

Rome 12 June 2024 – It was undoubtedly the most awaited meeting of the week at the Giallorossi and despite the confirmation of the substantial stasis at the moment, the conversation that took place yesterday in Trigoria cannot be said to be negative. In fact, within the walls of the technical center the sporting director Florent Ghisolfi and the Capitoline CEO Lina Souloukou they welcomed the agent Fali Ramadanirepresentative of the interests of Diego Llorente among the Giallorossi, but also of the great transfer objective Federico Chiesa. In addition to the discussion about the negotiation to be built with the Leeds to make the Spanish defender’s move from Great Britain to Italy permanent, the obligation to buy has not been triggered, but the desire to retain the player who grew up in Real Madrid is great and this will most likely lead to white smoke in the coming weeks .

The real theme, however, remained that relating to the playmaker of the Juventuscurrently protagonist with theItalyawaiting its debut in Euro 2024 on Saturday againstAlbania. In fact, the player’s agent confirmed his intention to say goodbye to the Bianconeri in the summer, given the lack of agreement on the number 7’s new contract. A burning situation for the Old Lady and an opportunity for the Rome, which however can only be realized after the European Championship. In fact, one of the few stakes currently posed by Ramadani it is precisely the player’s desire to postpone any discussion about a possible change of shirt until when the blue commitment is completed, so as to be able to concentrate only on the pitch for how long the expedition under the guidance of the coach will last Luciano Spalletti.

If the arguments about Llorente And Church they were undoubtedly the most pressing of the three-way meeting with the representative of the LIAN Sports Groupthis certainly didn’t deprive you Ghisolfi to also open up new discussions for other clients of the group. Between them it seems that the parties have opened discussions for Ivan Fresnedafull-back born in 2004 of the Sporting Lisbon, who arrived in August 2023 in Portugal, but was heavily out of Leões’ rotations. The player was an obsession of the current Capitoline director when he worked at Nice and in the summer he was actually burned by the future Portuguese champions for the card of the player then owned by Real Valladolid. There Rome is on the hunt for a right back to replace Rasmus Kristensenwhose card will not be redeemed, and the young Spanish full-back’s limited playing time with the green-and-whites is the perfect opportunity to give De Rossi a futuristic player who he can partner with Çelik to cover the lane.

Encouraging signs even without particular incoming movements, to be accompanied, however, by frightening outgoing rumors. Paulo Dybala, in the plans of the Capitoline club, remains one of the fixed points: the technical and charismatic leader of the team, on whom however hangs a clause of 12 million euros which is very inviting for foreign clubs. The clubs of Premier League and also of Saudi Pro League have made some timid inquiries, without however wanting to sink the blow yet: the player is expected from the commitment with Argentina to defend the Copa America and for now all interest bounces back to the sender. There Rome for his part, he can exercise the three-year renewal clause, to overcome the clause and who knows, by disposing of the salary a little, this could be the Giallorossi’s lifeline to definitively lock down Joya.

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