Palladini makes a decision without Clara’s knowledge

In the episodes of June 19th and 20th of A Place in the Sun Clara will be worried about Federico’s kidnapping, while Alberto will end up making a decisioncurrently unknown, without informing Clara.

Marina will see herself mistreated by Roberto Ferri, who will be hostile and cold towards him, thinking only of little Tommaso. Rossella will decide to talk to Nunzio about their relationship, but the boy will now be determined to dedicate himself completely to Diana.

Mariella, on the other hand, will find herself dealing with news that will knock her out.

Alberto’s decision, Clara terrified

In the appointment on Wednesday 19 June Nunzio will be ready to forget Rossella. The boy, in fact, after spending time with Diana will realize that he wants to be with her. Meanwhile, the architect will be discharged from the hospital where she was admitted in very serious conditions and she will return home. The whole situation will open Rossella’s eyes to Nunzio’s interest in another woman.

There is also room for the kidnapping of little Federico, which occurred at the hands of his father.

Hours of anguish will torment Clara, who will be terrified of what could happen to her son. Without her knowing, Alberto will end up making an unknown decision.

Marina outraged by Ferri, bad news for Mariella

In the episode of Thursday 20 June, Marina will feel outraged by Ferri’s attitude in his regards. The man will continue to treat his wife in a harsh and cold way, dedicating his thoughts to little Tommaso.

Thanks to Silvia’s words, Rossella will gather all her strength to face Nunzio and definitively clarify their relationship. Unfortunately, for the doctor, it may be too late.

There is also room for Mariella who will have to deal with bad news that is destined to defeat her.

Marina could ask Roberto for a divorce

The marital peace of Marina and Roberto It’s been a distant memory for some time now. The intrigue regarding little Tommaso will continue to shake the relationship of the two even in the next episodes of the soap opera. The previews reveal that Ferri will treat her wife very badly, showing her coldness and hostility. It cannot be ruled out that in the long run the couple’s paths may end up splitting. Tired of being outraged by her husband, fixated on Ida’s baby, Marina could go so far as to ask for a divorce from her. At this point it could happen that the entrepreneur, not wanting to lose her, will come to his senses and let Tommaso go. Alternatively, Roberto could also grant the woman a divorce and put an end to their marriage.

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