“Music for a day”, the GO Pitoni music study center dedicates a day to music

A day entirely dedicated to music proposed by the association “Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni Musical Studies Center” on 15 June in the church of San Giorgio in Largo San Giorgio di Rieti. The first part of the event will begin at 4 pm and will be dedicated to modern music with the modern singing class of Maestro Mariarosaria De Rossi, guitar with Maestro Damiano De Santis and Angelo Nobili, and drums by Maestro Luciano Mattei and Vincenzo Bardaro.

This first part will be interspersed with the performance of the “Music lab”, an ensemble music group made up of the very young musicians of the association who have been practicing and playing together for almost 2 years coordinated by Maestro Damiano De Santis. Following this, from 9pm, classical music performances will begin with the violin class of maestro Gloria Santarelli, opera singing with the class of Maestro Barbara Fornara and piano with Maestro Emanuele Micacchi and Francesco Gentile.

“Music is the common ground where different generations can connect, through the love of an instrument, a song. It is like a platform where people can share their experiences, emotions and values, regardless of their age” – declares president Rosella Magliani.

After the performance on 13 June, in which the youngest members of the association performed at the open hub of the Lazio Region in Rieti, this is a real music festival where all the talents of the school will meet. Journalist Sabrina Vecchi will lead the musical marathon.

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