Bus parked with engine running under houses, owners protest: “Exhaust gases in the house”

Bus parked with engine running under houses, owners protest: “Exhaust gases in the house”
Bus parked with engine running under houses, owners protest: “Exhaust gases in the house”

It is becoming a small “case” in the city, which overheats minds and not just the engines of public service buses, so much so that the intervention of the Syracuse city council is necessary. This, at least, is the request made by councilor Damiano De Simone, who yesterday filed the request for compliance with an article of the Strata Code (157, paragraph 7 bis) which obliges drivers to keep the engines of buses turned off when parking.

It would happen, however, very often, according to the numerous complaints from residents of homes close to stops or, even worse, the terminus, that the vehicles are left running, releasing gases which could “invade” the apartments, especially if located on the floors lower. It would seem like a small inconvenience but instead it would not be uncommon to see owners swearing at the drivers at every stop or almost every day or almost.

If the engines are kept running it is most likely to keep the air conditioning system running, considering that it happens that on the buses, even during the stop time, there are passengers waiting to continue their journey. The needs of some (the passengers) in this case are in contrast with those of the others (the inhabitants of the homes forced to inhale exhaust fumes).

“It must be taken into account that near the areas permitted for bus parking – reiterates De Simone – there is the presence of private homes whose residents suffer from the constant inhalation of combustion exhaust gases emitted by the same public and tourist transport vehicles, which are the subject of malaise and discomfort during most hours of the day. In the request filed – adds the councilor – I also included a point which provides for the installation of specific vertical signs in correspondence with public and tourist bus parking areas, indicating the obligation to turn off engines during parking, except for technical issues and in proximity of the departure time. Measure extended to all fuel-powered vehicles. In case of failure to comply, a financial penalty is expected which varies between 223 and 444 euros”.

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