Liguria third in Italy for number of nurses

It is not true that the recruitment of nurses has stopped since 2020Liguria it is third in Italy for the number of nurses, it has 6.65 for every thousand inhabitantswhich means that the hiring plan has been carried out in recent years, taking into consideration the needs of hospitals and local health authorities. Thus the regional health councilor Angelo Gratarola, responding to a question from the M5S councilor Paolo Ugolini.

M5S Councilor: needs are growing, but new hires are planned

Liguria is third in Italy for the number of nurses, it has 6.65 for every thousand inhabitants.

Now we are aware that the needs and requirements are growing. And in fact, the Policlinico San Martino will announce a competition for nurses for personnel destined for the Genoa metropolitan areaadds the councilor.

In the meantime, a process has been started that can allow the hiring of nurses in ASL3 and in Genoese hospitals, using the ranking of the regional competition still available for the ASL4 and 5 areahe then specifies.

By guaranteeing the needs of the eastern territory, companies and hospitals in the ASL 3 area will therefore be able to draw on that ranking. The same companies also have the opportunity (and in some cases the relevant procedures have been initiated) to announce calls for tenders for the hiring of temporary staff. fixed termawaiting the competition for permanent hires which will be defined in the coming months.

Gratarola then explains that the hourly rate of has been agreed upon 50 euros per hour for the additional services of nurses and radiology techniciansdone thing in line with the provisions of national legislation which allows for an increase in the hours of the necessary personnel in the health facilities of the region.

In September 2022, the councilor still reports, the regional competition for nurses was announced, whose rankings are running out, and who led to the recruitment of over 1,200 nurses across the region.

Added to these are the nurses hired through the 2023 competition dedicated to the local health authorities of western Liguria, whose rankings are in the process of scrolling, he continues. And, as mentioned, in the Genoa metropolitan area, a further tender will be announced in the autumn.

Finally, on planning as part of the annual survey of training needs for health professions, Liguria has identified 700 units of admission to the Faculty of Nursing for the 2023/24 academic year, assessing that the number can guarantee the needs, possibly implementable with professionals from other regions.

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