the results of the CERTO project in Bitonto on 14 June

the results of the CERTO project in Bitonto on 14 June
the results of the CERTO project in Bitonto on 14 June

BITONTO (BA) – Defending and enhancing Apulian extra virgin olive oil by certifying its uniqueness in an innovative way, through the use of new technologies. This is the objective of “Certo”, a project financed by the Rural Development Program (PSR) 2014-2020 Puglia, Measure 16 “Cooperation”, Submeasure 16.2 “Support for pilot projects and the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies ”.

The final seminar of the project will take place in Bitonto on Friday 14 June, at 4.30 pm, with the meeting dedicated to “Protection and valorisation for a safe future: reflections and conclusions on the Certo project”. The event open to the public will be held in the Finoliva factories, first street of Viale Prof. Giuseppe Lazzati.

The proceedings will open with greetings from Benedetto Fracchiolla, president of Finoliva; Gennaro Sicolo, president of CIA Italian Farmers of Puglia; and Carmelo Rollo, president of Legacoop Puglia.

Following this, it will be the turn of Francesco Paolo Fanizzi, from the University of Salento, to report on the “Traceability of Italian extra virgin olive oil and Certo project”. Donato Mondelli and Giuseppe Mezzapesa, from CIHEAM Bari, will illustrate “The use of infrared spectroscopy for quality analyzes of olive oil in the mill”. After them, Matteo Potenza, of CSQA Certifications, will delve into “The certification of traceability in the oil supply chain: guarantee of origin and communication strategy”. Pasquale Costantino, from Epignosys, will talk about “Intelligent labelling: the experience of the Certo project”. The event will end with a sensory test led by panel leader Pasquale Costantino.

Progetto Certo is led by the CIA Agricoltori Italiani di Puglia. Among the partners, in addition to the APO Olive Producers Association of Foggia, there are University of Salento, Ciheam Bari Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Legacoop Puglia, Op Oliveti Terra di Bari, APOL Lecce Olive Producers Association, Bitonto Olive Producers Cooperative Society, CSQA Certifications and Terra di Olivi Cooperative Oil Mill.

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