all names in the crosshairs

PRESS REVIEW – Street Felipe Anderson and Luis Alberto, bringing in young people to lower the average age: the project for the new Lazio seems clear. The combined names, in fact, all have one characteristic in common, the identity card with a very very low age. Self Colpani and Stengs for now they are dreams, given a valuation of at least 20 million, other names are more accessible. As reported in today’s edition of Il Messaggero, it has been investigated Spertsyan, class of 2000 sharp. It’s from 2001 instead Dele Bashiru, we also had a positive conference call with the entourage: Fabiani had proposed it to Tudor, now he’s trying again with Baroni, because with a price of between 5 and 7 million it’s a real deal. Double that number (about 14) is needed to burn Porto in the run-up to 2002 Eze Fernandez of Boca Juniorswhile Genk is already asking for over 25 for the prodigy born in 2004 Bilal El Khannouss. For 2005 Cristó Muñoz López expiring with Barcelona it would only be enough to beat the competition from Lecce and Almeria, but it certainly wouldn’t be a starter, all this without forgetting that Tchaouna, born in 2003, he has already been taken by Salernitana for 8 million euros. In short, many names

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