in 30 years methane losses down by 66%

In 30 years gas leaks they literally are collapse despite the greater volumes transported. From 1990 to 2021, according to data provided by Proxigasfugitive emissions in the gas supply chain have reduced by 66%compared to a increase in transported gas and distributed by 53%.

It should also be remembered that, in Italy, the emissions of natural gas supply chain they represent only 7% of national methane emissions (45% is linked to agriculture and 39% to waste) e 0.8% of national emissions of greenhouse gases. This is also due to the mitigation actions implemented by Italian companies.

Proxigas intends promote greater information and sensitivity towards the issue of fugitive methane emissions, which represent a line of intervention priority for the gas industry, committed to making the use of this raw material increasingly sustainable.

Italian companies are considered examples of excellence globally. The main members of Proxigas have joined the voluntary initiative of Ogmp 2.0 protocol – emissions reporting system promoted by the United Nations – earning recognition for companies that stand out for the completeness of their methane emissions reporting and reduction targets (the so-called Gold Standard). This is a global challenge, in which the Italian industry can play a leading role, enhancing skills and experience.

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