the recipe by Friulian Luca Zanette to win the Swiss competition

the recipe by Friulian Luca Zanette to win the Swiss competition
the recipe by Friulian Luca Zanette to win the Swiss competition

SACILE – The meat of roe deer together with scampi, inside a Spanish paella. The judges will be surprised Swiss competition dedicated to the typical Iberian dish. But given that the original recipe is proposed by the author of the best “foreign” Valencian paella in the world, you can bet that it will be delicious.

In the recipe only Friulian ingredients

The roe deer will come from Barcis and other ingredients of the paella that Luca Zanette from Sacile intends to prepare in Zurich are also Friulian: again from Barcis la peta, from Caneva instead the cool brunette, Verdisio oil and wine, scampi from the Adriatic. The challenge will also see him involved in the preparation of the typical Spanish appetizer based on bread and imagination (from seafood, to cheese, to meat): tapas.

Who is Luca Zanette

The passionate chef who last year was a finalist at the World Paella’s Day in Valencia decided to experiment with the original mix of local products and the national Iberian dish. «I’ve done it with Venetian specialties, now with those from my region, but I’ve noticed greater attention from our neighbors, enthusiastic about the idea». While it seems that here it is more difficult to understand the importance of bringing the quality products that distinguish our agri-food into the world.

«I’m going to show off our specialties»

In Zurich, Luca was invited to the competition by the local Spanish community and he doesn’t have too many illusions: «I’m going to make our specialties known, but winning will be impossible». But it was also last year against 26 renowned chefs from all over the world and instead the unthinkable happened. The victory of an Italian in the presence of the most famous paella chefs in the country is an event that has occurred only twice in over 60 years of the competition. In Zurich our man will be called upon to deal not only with paella. For the test dedicated to tapas, Luca asked for help from the Sacile-based bakery Fermento, who prepared for him a bread with ancient seeds. His proposal will be called Mattia’s line and will consist of amberjack ham, Venetian buffalo stracciatella and a splash of prosecco. Due to the Swiss experience, Zanette’s team will also be made up of Daniele Cattelan from Treviso from the Francenigo fish market and Paolo Malvani from Pordenone.
A true passion, that of Luca Zanette who, born into a completely different profession, is seriously reflecting on whether it is not the case, at 48 years old, to change his life and give himself 100% to his true passion: paella and more generally cooking .

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