“Meeting with the author”: at the municipal library of Anagni Marcello Nucciarelli presents his latest book “La mano nera”

As part of the initiatives of the UNITRE headquarters in Anagni, operational from September 2023, at the end of the academic year, SATURDAY 1 JUNE 2024 at 5.00 pm, in the Multimedia Room of the Municipal Library of Anagni, Monte Frumentario , in via Garibaldi 21, there will be the presentation of Marcello Nucciarelli’s latest book THE BLACK HAND, published by Alcheringa Edizioni, Anagni’s publishing house directed by Lina Anielli, current president of UNITRE.

THE BLACK HAND is the fifth episode of the investigations of Commissioner Gretije de Witt and her team. The setting is Dutch, the city concerned is Amsterdam, but we never have the feeling, reading Marcello’s books, that his knowledge of the places is improvised and superficial.

As he himself states, Holland is his second homeland.

In the investigations told by Marcello you have the sensation of being on the spot, of living next to the characters and accompanying them in a team investigation in which twists and suspense are always guaranteed.

Quote from the prologue of THE BLACK HAND:

Out of the corner of his eye he saw an old Islamic woman, bundled up in one of their black robes (…) He felt disgusted and hurriedly took the remote control that regulated the alarm system out of his pocket.

She didn’t have time to press the button, however: a sudden pressure forced her to lift her chin and the knife cleanly severed her carotid artery.

Gretije’s team investigates the murder, but without useful elements the investigation doesn’t take off.

It will be Rutger Jansen – the most damned smart investigative journalist that exists, according to Gre-tije, called back on track by a mysterious voice on the telephone that promises him sensational revelations – who will set in motion a series of events that will begin the investigation more complex and dangerous than Gretije’s entire career, forced to engage in a breathtaking fight against a woman with a thousand faces and a thousand names.

As part of the ‘Invitation to Reading’ course held by Maria Rosaria Fontana, among the many themes that of crime fiction and crime fiction was also addressed. The participants read passages from some of Marcello Nucciarelli’s previous novels, and then met him in preview, before the PRE-SENTATION on JUNE 1st, in the last lesson of the course, in which they had fun asking him questions on the stories read, on the characters he created, on the reasons for some situations.


Having abandoned his profession as a bookseller after thirty years, Marcello Nucciarelli dedicated himself full time to writing.

Combining his ancient passion for the detective novel with his boundless love for Holland, he gave life to the series of investigations by Gretije de Witt:

– DEATH IN LEIDSEPLEIN (Sassoscrive Editore 2013)

– THE SECRET OF GRONINGEN (Alcheringa Edizioni 2015, second edition in 2020)

– THE PORTUGUESE TRACK (Alcheringa Editions 2017)

– A SORDY INVESTIGATION (Alcheringa Edizioni 2021)

– THE KILLER OF THE WAITERS, new revised and updated edition of ‘Death at Leidseplein’ (Al-cheringa Edizioni 2019)


Also with Alcheringa he published a collection of stories recovered from the web, SIAMO IN BALLO, Stories of torment and hope (2018), and IL PROFESSORE (2023), the first novel set in Romagna.

In addition to the novels and the collection, Nucciarelli has published around ten stories in various anthologies, works as an editor and is a literary critic in a writing forum.

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