Mbappé “I’ll say what my next club will be in a few days”

Mbappé “I’ll say what my next club will be in a few days”
Mbappé “I’ll say what my next club will be in a few days”

The French striker gave an interview to CNN in which he took stock of current events.

Kylian Mbappé will leaf through the daisy in the next few days. He made this known in a chat during a short holiday in Sardinia, before receiving the award for best player at the Globe Soccer Awards.

When will my next club be announced? It’s a matter of days. I think it will be official soon and I just want to enjoy this period as a free player. I have my contract with PSG, so someone pays me for the moment.”

The French striker has made no secret of his desire to join Real Madrid, although he hasn’t spoken about it. “I can’t wait to be on my new team. I want to win trophies, of course, be with new teammates…. But, as a man, I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy, to enjoy the moment with me and to enjoy my career“.

Mbappé’s Ligue 1 statisticsFlashscore

He also recalled the reasons that pushed him to renew in 2022 when everything suggested the opposite.“It wasn’t just about staying at PSG. It was about the World Cup in Qatar. There were a lot of things surrounding the situation. Was an important, difficult decision… but I don’t regret anything“.

The Champions League final

However, Mbappé has not revealed who he will support in the final at Wembley and says he will attend as a neutral spectator. “No, I will watch the final like you. When you love football, you watch all the matches. I I watch all the games when I can… in France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy. Every championship. So, obviously, I will watch the Champions League.”

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