BLuOrobica is a candidate to receive the baton of Treviglio basketball

The president of BluOrobica, Paolo Andreini, comes out and proposes the idea of ​​a return to the origins of when, in 2003, the team began its journey as a satellite company of Blu Basket Treviglio, to help kids grow in basketball and transform them in athletes and players for adult basketball.

Now that there is turbulence in Treviglio around president Stefano Mascio’s A1 club, Andreini is launching his candidacy so that BluOrobica can take up the baton and, starting from the Interregional Serie B, can undertake that path leaving its roots intact.

Paolo Andreini

Here is the idea of ​​President Andreini expressed in a public statement: “It was 2003 when, together with Carlo Ballini, we began this adventure which over the years has brought our club to the national top of youth activity. Through the ups and downs that characterize any activity, we have unfortunately come to represent the only possibility for youth basketball in the province of Bergamo to have a concrete future.

In 2022 we ended our relationship as a satellite company of Blu Basket without a line of thanks, after almost 20 years in which many children became important athletes thanks to BluOrobica and thanks to Blu Basket. In the meantime, the city of Bergamo, with very questionable choices, has effectively eliminated the possibility of carrying out top sports, closing all available facilities.

Two months ago, in unsuspecting times, we knocked on the door of the Trevigliese Municipal Administration, finding availability and passion for our arrival, discreet and respectful, in the Trevigliese land, because where you love basketball, you love all basketball.

Today events lead us to submit our candidacy to take up the baton of a historic club, starting from what our level is (Interregional Serie B) and what our mission is (the construction of athletes of national interest) without set limits upwards but only if the steps, according to Trevigliese tradition ante litteram, are proportionate to the leg that will take them. Who to do them with will depend on how much passion there still is for basketball in Treviglio. Because passion is passion, categories are a stimulus to grow. There are squares where a Serie B derby gathers thousands of fans and Treviglio would not be any less, as long as you identify with the protagonists, live alongside them in a dimension where the human factor is a value and not a limit for professionals . Children must see their idols and dream of becoming one themselves; local companies must not fear the reference company, but must identify with it and grow alongside it.

This is my idea, I had tried to share it but perhaps the time has come to make it public and make it a concrete project. Paolo Andreini

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