Amateurs – Ganaceto, greet captain Pastorelli. Confirmations at Pgs Smile, Montombraro signs the defender Ognibene. Mirandola coup: Ficarelli arrives

The Nonantola Parish Church the defender confirmed Francesco Gobbi. Captain David Pastorelliafter seven years, leaves the Ganaceto and is evaluating some offers received from the Promotion. Several confirmations at home Pgs Smile: the defenders Andrea Allegra, Simone Bastia, Ruben Pattuzzi, Luca Giovani, Carlo Piacentinithe midfielders Marco Giovanardi, Giovanni Lotti, Federico Caselli and the attackers Francesco Montorsi And Mattia Ferri. After two years, the attacker Cristiano Francioso returns to wear the shirt of Colombaro. The Montombraro (in the picture) confirmed in the back department Enrico Bigi and, in addition to Abdelali Nainithe defender also arrives Luca Ognibene, former Monteferdente. The midfielder Karam Raiaformer Spilamberto, Fiorano and Montombraro, is free and looking for a team.

Three new signings for the San Damaso: the defenders Giovanni Ucciformer Solierese, e Leandro Balzaformer Ganaceto and Castelfranco and the midfielder Andrea De Lauri, former Solierese. There Mirandola places the shot in defense with the arrival, from Centese, of Stefano Ficarelli. L’Ubersetto the defender confirmed Vittorio Di Bernardowho will also be the captain next season, and the midfielder Francesco Pio Pezzella. First two purchases for the St. Paul: the goalkeeper arrives from Fortitudo Gabriele Raschi and the defender Simone Raschi. The attacker Luca Cerchiaraformer Limidi, is a new player of the Novase. The Real Modena Montale strengthen the goal with the purchase of the goalkeeper Cristian Palladini.

The Real Maranello has made it official Maurizio Predieri will collaborate with sporting director Boilini. There Casalgrandese goes shopping in the Modena area: I get the defender Samuel De Martinthe midfielder Leonardo Branca and the attacker Luca Nuozzi from Consolata, the attacking midfielder Giovanni De Bonis from Junior Fiorano and the tip Andrea Montanini from Campogalliano.

Colombaro, the striker Cristiano Francioso
Novese, the striker Luca Cerchiara
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