“If one day I play in Italy it will be for Milan”

“If one day I play in Italy it will be for Milan”
“If one day I play in Italy it will be for Milan”

Mbappè drives AC Milan fans crazy with some statements about his possible arrival in Italy with the Rossoneri shirt in the future

Kylian Mbappe he does not rule out that he could wear the shirt of in the future Milan of whom he was a fan when he was a child, as he himself declared several times. The French champion released further words of love towards the Rossoneri colors to the microphones of Sky Sports on the occasion of European Global Soccer Awardsfurther reiterating his passion for the Devil.

The surprise statements

Mbappe will soon become a player of real Madrid as is now known, although one day it would be nice to be able to see him in our championship as he himself has always dreamed of: “When I was little, I was a Milan fan. And I always said to myself: if one day I play in Italy, it will be for Milan.”. It is not the first time that the best player in the world has expressed appreciation towardsItaly and Milanexplaining where the connection comes from: “I always watch Serie A, every AC Milan match. Since I was little, my whole family watched AC Milan because all around me are Rossoneri fans; for this reason I still continue to watch the matches today.” His words certainly make Rossoneri fans dream of seeing him play San Siro wearing their team jersey one day.

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