“The alert against fake operators is at maximum”

Almost every day we are bombarded with phone calls from operators offering users various contracts for electricity and gas supplies. There is no longer a count of reports regarding the increasingly creative attempts made by unscrupulous call centers: in some cases, however, these are scams and Metamer, a company from San Salvo that sells gas and electricity, wants to alert the its consumers.

There are many reports of telephone contacts made in the name of the company by fake operators.

“We have always believed in direct relationships – explains Nicola Fabrizio, Metamer CEO -. The people we address must have the possibility of looking into the eyes of those to whom they entrust part of their savings to decide whether to trust or not. This is why we have invested to open local branches in all the territories in which we operate”.

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The CEO of Metamer clarifies that the company does not use telephone sales or door-to-door sales. “Anyone who contacts you in our name – he warns – is scamming you. Even if the name and surname of our operators are used, you must not be fooled. Metamer contacts customers by telephone only for assistance procedures or requests for customer services. We therefore invite you not to accept proposals or any contractual changes over the telephone as they do not come from our company but are scams”.

To protect its users and its reputation, Metamer announces that it has already taken all the necessary actions with the competent authorities. “We will continue to place ourselves at the service of our customers, respecting their private and family sphere – concludes CEO Fabrizio -. We offer fundamental services for the serenity of individuals, which translate into real savings on bills and optimal local services, while ‘disturbance’ is not one of them. We invite anyone who has even just the doubt of having come across a scam call, not to hesitate to contact us to report it”.

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