Zaccagni what a goal, Viti takes advantage, Cragno badly



Test 6: blameless on the occasion of Viti’s goal, he remained active for the rest of the match and managed not to be overcome. He performed well.

Marusic 5.5: you can’t hear or see much on the lane. He is unable to impact on the wing and dedicates himself above all to the defensive phase without too much success.

Romagnoli 5: he has more than some responsibility for the equalizer, letting the opponent escape. Not always lucid, today his experience is lacking.

Gila 6.5: a lot of substance for him who fights for every ball and tries to block the way of his opponents who have a decidedly difficult time passing in his area.

Hysaj 5.5: you devour a delicious opportunity at the start of the race and this already causes your rating to decrease. For the rest he doesn’t particularly fire up forward and dedicates himself to the non-possession phase.

Vecino 6: a lot of wood in the midfield for him who fits in and above all tries to tie up the game doing it without too many problems against a less intense midfield. From 53′ Felipe Anderson 6: try to give more unpredictability going forward.

Rovella 6: clean game for him too, with six. Elementary steps but done well and this is not always a certainty. From 53′ Guendouzi 6: he enters with conviction and puts his body into it.

Pilgrims 6.5: good at pushing in the lane, he instills fear in the black and green players and manages to be seen very often forward, proving dangerous. From 71′ Lazzari 6: good entry into the field made at a run.

Kamada 5.5: Japanese is off today. He doesn’t vary particularly forward and Sassuolo’s cage forces him to such an extent that it cancels him out at times.

Zaccagni 7: super goal for him who returns to leave his mark. In addition to the personal goal, a lot of commitment going forward with the unpredictability given to his team in offensive movements. From 90′ Pedro: sv

Castellanos 5.5: not very mobile forward, he is unable to keep the team up and above all to create havoc in the opposing defensive line which closes him down well. From 71′ Property 6: sufficiency of esteem, we see little forward.

Tudor Coach: 6.


Cragno 5.5: he could have done much better on the occasion of Zaccagni’s goal. The ball splashes on the ground but doesn’t seem so uncatchable.

Erlic 5.5: far from impeccable, he applies himself and tries to commit himself but often allows himself to be overcome too easily by opposing players.

Ferrari 6: his last match in Serie A with Sassuolo was good. He works hard and manages not to let the Biancocelesti players pass.

Screws 6.5: despite not always being clear on some occasions during the match, he scored the goal which earned his team a draw.

Missors 6.5: runs and fights for every ball. He is a thorn in the side of the Lazio players. From 88′ Pedersen: sv

Lipani 6.5: great sacrifice and great commitment for him who varies a lot and fights for every ball. From 83′ Racic: sv

Obiang 5.5: he lacks substance in midfield and is unable to make his physique particularly felt. They lose balls and duels with him in midfield very often.

Thorstvedt 6: he is committed and between the lines he tries to create havoc but it is not always effective.

Doig 6: unpredictability in Sassuolo’s offensive maneuver and a sufficient match for him who fought for every ball. From 76′ Toljan: sv

Muleteers 5.5: as in the rest of the season he was unable to make his weight felt in attack. Not at all incisive, never dangerous. From 83′ Pinamonti: sv

Volpato 6: running forward and wanting to leave their mark but Lazio’s defense takes measures. From 76′ Laurienté: sv

Coach Dionisi: 6.

Photo: LaPresse

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