Sailing, the whole island takes part in the Minigiraglia: Naftalina wins

Sailing, the whole island takes part in the Minigiraglia: Naftalina wins
Sailing, the whole island takes part in the Minigiraglia: Naftalina wins

From the Italian Naval League – Capraia Delegation

Eolo had blown too strongly on the first weekend of May, but the Delegation of the Italian Naval League of Capraia Isola was not discouraged and the Minigiraglia 2024, the traditional Capraia-Giraglia-Capraia sailing race, now in its XXII edition, represented the event this weekend confirming itself as an unmissable event, celebrated with great success by the whole island.
On the morning at 7am on May 25th, to make the most of the breezes, the 36 participating boats filled the crystalline sea in front of the port of Capraia with colors in just a few minutes with open gennakers and spinnakers, quickly heading towards Corsica.
The boats set off with a reaching speed to reach the Giraglia. Having rounded the island with difficulty, the God of the wind decided to rest and no one managed to cross the finish line by 5pm, the maximum sailing time.
Race Director Jean-Luc Michelot had no choice but to consider the move to the Giraglia as the competition classification.
The 2024 Minigiraglia was won with great success by NAFTALINA led by skipper Stefano Carpeggiani first in the overall standings, both in absolute time and corrected time. The crew (made up of 4 people) won the Paolo Manca Challange Trophy, dedicated to the creator and founder of the sailing event, and the cup offered by the Municipality of Capraia Isola presented by the Mayor Lorenzo Renzi. Naftalina reached Giraglia in a time of 3 hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
The President of the Delegation Sergio Giunto Canigiani was really satisfied: “My team created a very successful event which thrilled all the participants who were increasingly fond of our Minigiraglia”.
In class 1 (boats from 8.00 to 9.60 m) Alastor wins first prize, in class 2 (9.61-10.60 m) Sortilege, in class 3 (10.61-11.60 m) Second Life. The first in class 4 (11.61-12.60m) is Allure, in class 5 (12.61-13.60m) Lucky Star and in class 6 (over 13.61m) again Naftalina.
The cup offered by the National Presidency of the LNI was instead awarded to the youngest skipper Anna Sanguettola of XXL and was delivered by the Regional Delegate Admiral Piero Vatteroni who brought all the participants the greetings of the National President Admiral Donato Marzano. Anna Sanguettola (daughter of the skipper who won the first edition in 2003 and who still holds the absolute record of the event) is also the winner of the Aegyon cup, intended for the best-ranked female skipper.
They were also rewarded by our sponsors, who also gave their precious contribution this year, Mollalascotta2 as the boat that arrived from the furthest port (Lavagna), Gato for the greatest number of women on board (4), Roberto Benucci as skipper with greater experience and the LNI of Livorno for the Club with the highest participation with 4 crews (Micky, Lucky star, Incredibile and Shark).
The synergy of the Delegation with the operators of the Island was fundamental and allowed all the first place winners to receive a prize with the Island’s products and transform the competition awards ceremony into a great party for all those present.

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