The Palio 2024 is Giallorossi wins Legnarello. The bedlam of victory. Watch the live broadcast again

The thirteenth victory for the Contrada of via Dante, which now dreams of a new manor

Legnano – It’s there Contrada di Legnarello to win the Palio di Legnano on 26 May 2024. For the Contrada of Via Dante it is the thirteenth victory.

Just one year after the last victory, which in fact dates back to the 2023 Palio, again with Antonio Siri. “Yet another masterpiece“, they comment from the Contrada di Legnarello, heading towards a path made of choirs and songs to reach the church of the Redentore ready to welcome the Giallorossi people in celebration.

I can’t find words to describe this victory“, comments jockey Antonio Siri who this year repeated last year’s success. “A hard-fought, sincere and frank final. I was a little scared on the last lap but not much”, comments the Captain Diego TomalinoCaptain of first appointment and immediately with the pectoral cross around his neck.

The moments experienced by the Contradaioli were beautiful, in a truly concrete way. The view offered by the Regency deployed on the front line is exceptional. A river of yellow-red people accompanied the procession which, starting from the Giovanni Mari Stadium, moved behind the Cross of Aribert of Intimianian.

The Crocione, that symbol of victory that encloses joys and sorrows around itself, continued towards the Church of the Santissimo Redentore where the doors opened to welcome a cheering people. The celebration for Legnarello had already begun at the Propitiatory Dinner on Saturday evening. Over 700 people filled the square Redeemer.

Hearts overflowing with joy and overflowing with passion. A population that is doubling more and more, if in fact last year there were a thousand at the victory dinner, this year we are thinking of doubling. Via Dante is starting to get narrow and Legnarello is now dreams of a new Manor.

Sergio La Torre. He collaborated Jessica Urbani

Photo gallery edited by Sergio Banfi

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