Felipe Anderson: “Lazio? I’m leaving, but it remains in my heart”

Felipe Anderson: “Lazio? I’m leaving, but it remains in my heart”
Felipe Anderson: “Lazio? I’m leaving, but it remains in my heart”

Felipe Anderson, Lazio winger playing his last game this evening against Sassuolo with the white and blue shirt, spoke to the official microphones of the white and blue club to comment on the draw just obtained in the last match of this championship, which allowed his team to qualify for the Next season’s Europa League, and beyond.

Here are his statements: I tried to be focused on the match, I wanted not to think about it so much because it was important to play well and win. But seeing the stadium and the people greeting me, it was difficult to hold back the tears but as I said they gave me much more than I expected and it goes beyond football. I am very happy today. I’m leaving, but what we experienced together remains in my heart. Sometimes we don’t give it much importance, but I care a lot because it was eleven years of my life. I lived the decisive moments of my life here. Everyone welcomed me, they were close to me in the difficult moments of my life and this matters to me. I thank all of you who every day, even in defeats, gave us the strength to continue. Thanks for everything”.

The Brazilian footballer also spoke to Sky: “It was a difficult but beautiful evening for me. Look back and see all that we have passedtogether with these colors makes me proud and happy. Thank you very much to everyone who supported me and I hope that Lazio continues to fly. Did the season influence my choice? No, it has nothing to do with it. We’re going through a difficult time in football, I’ve been through a lot. Mine was a choice dictated by the fact that I wanted to return to my homeland for my people and play football for them.”

Finally Felipe Anderson also spoke to Dazn’s microphones: It was a wonderful emotion, I thank everyone. I dreamed of playing in Italian football, I spent most of my career here and it was an incredible day. I thank everyone for their love. The best was the second season, then last year and they are unforgettable. The best player you’ve played with? Lucas Leiva. What do you carry most in your heart? Always Lucas Leiva, he taught us many things and also in terms of mentality. He is a unique person and a point of referenceI remember. The most important coach you had? Sarri. Is it true that you could have gone to Juventus? Since this year began, many things have come to me, I chose to return to Brazil and that’s what counts. The most difficult defender to overcome? So many, in Italy they are all difficult to overcome. Why the choice to return to Brazil and why Palmeiras? I always dreamed of playing in Europe, but I wanted to do great things in my country too. The opportunity has come now, I’m fine and I’m in the best phase because I can recover quickly. They have an important and winning project. I want to win for my people and I want to demonstrate my football for my people in Brazil.”

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