for Bari a double deal after his 12 goals of the season

for Bari a double deal after his 12 goals of the season
for Bari a double deal after his 12 goals of the season

Photo by Tess Lapedota for Radio Selene Passione Bari

In a sea of ​​unknowns there is a certainty from which Bari will be able to start again: it is Giuseppe Sibilli. The Neapolitan striker, numbers in hand, is probably the only revelation of a cursed season, which has just ended with salvation achieved at the last gasp, also thanks to a goal from the 27-year-old from Campania.

Goal scorer in “incognito”

“I’ve never been a striker, but I’m superstitious, which is why I don’t say how many goals I’d like to score.” This is how Sibilli introduced himself to the Bari square. It was 22 August 2023, eleven days after his official transfer from Pisa, on loan with the right to buy. A statement then welcomed with a hint of perplexity by the public, since the number 20, together with his new teammates, would have had to pick up the heavy legacy left above all by Cheddira (author of 17 goals), Antenucci (10) and Folorunsho (8). And instead, despite all predictions and his muted approach, Sibilli proved to be Bari’s spearhead, closing the season with 12 goals and 5 assists.

The incidence in attack

Perhaps it is not a gamble to say that without the hyper-performance of Sibilli, useful in all roles of the front line, the red and white team would have ended up in even bigger troubles than those resolved only in the second leg of the playouts. Suffice it to say that 12 of the 41 total points collected by the Apulian team directly bear the signature of the Neapolitan attacker. Another 18 benefited from the attacker’s contribution, in terms of goals and assists. Beyond the statistics there is also the issue of the specific weight of the Neapolitan footballer in the effectiveness of the offensive maneuver: given the numerous chronic absences of the battery of men in attack, Sibilli was the only one capable of turning on the light, even in a championship characterized by pitch darkness. It is perhaps not just a coincidence that all the defeats suffered by Bari were marked by the absence of Sibilli in the scoreboard. Three of the knockouts then occurred when the ’96 class had to withdraw due to disqualification or off-court trouble. On the contrary, the former Pisa player has a hand in 7 of the 8 victories achieved in the regular phase of the championship, in which the Number 20 has always scored. The contribution in the most decisive match of the season was also fundamental: in game 2 of the survival play-off there was Sibilli’s influence, with the goal that made it 3-0 and an assist.

Future scenarios

For once the ball of the game is in the hands of Bari. The red and white club will only need to exercise the redemption option to secure Sibilli’s card and performances again next season. The figure is around 600 thousand euros, therefore well below the attacker’s current market price. Precisely as a result of the best year of his career, the value of the 27-year-old Neapolitan jumped well over one million euros, approaching the price at which the move from Pisa to Frosinone should have been completed in January 2023. Then the parties agreed to a figure close to 1.6 million, but right on the wire the transfer went up in smoke. At the moment, also by virtue of an attack that needs to be completely rebuilt, it seems highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Bari will not redeem Sibilli. The revolution that will concern the management of the technical area, barring surprises, should not influence the decision to focus on the number 20. The will of the footballer, who is very close to the Apulian capital, is to remain in the red and white shirt and start again with the aim of confirm and improve not only his personal performance, but also that of the team. However, given the seasonal exploits, sirens cannot be ruled out even from Serie A, which could make Bari’s future falter. Securing ownership of Sibilli’s card could therefore prove to be a double deal.

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