«Difficult year, but in the end good won»

The words of Fabrizio Corsi, president of Empoli, and his daughter Rebecca after the Tuscans’ salvation on the final day

Fabrizio and Rebecca Corsi they spoke into the microphones of DAZN after salvation obtained by Empoli. Below are his words.

HOW ARE YOU – «I feel in a trance, we still have to realize the magnitude of this undertaking. It was a difficult year but the team has grown since January. Something extraordinary that I share with the whole city. Certain difficulties had never happened to me but in the end good won».

DIFFICULTY’ – «Of various types. You followed us well, talk to the reporters in our area. But let’s move on, we are a model and everyone tells us so, even abroad. This is a reality that this year has given 20 boys to the youth teams. Few do better than us from this point of view. I would just like to express my regret for President Stirpe, an extraordinary person who unfortunately had this sporting disappointment this year».

NICOLA – «Rebecca witnesses the days we spend in the company of the team to try to give them our contribution. Mr. he is a specialist and you understand this well by working together day after day. He is extraordinary, he never encounters difficulties or negative things and the team responded well. This is salvation and we enjoy it (Rebecca Corsi speaks, ed.) I think our coach did something amazing and the t-shirt with the dedication is also for the work that was done».

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