Basketball / Fabriano fatal game 4, Roseto wins and the season ends

Fabriano – Game 4 of the playoff semi-final between Ristopro and Rosetowith the hosts once again called upon to do the feat to continue dreaming.

With a series at 2 to 1 in favor of the Abruzzo, i Coach Niccolai’s boys they go down onto the parquet aware of being with the backs against the wall: one defeat would end the season.


Landlords immediately aggressive, Rose garden part better but Fabriano fights with the knife between his teeth. 10 minutes of great intensity, including some bickering between the players, with Fabriano putting his nose forward with his triple by Stanic at the siren (25 to 23).

The match starts again, still with a lot of electricity between the players with a unsportsmanlike whistled to Klyuchnyk and a technical whistled to Gnecchialready down to three fouls just 30 seconds into the second quarter.

Fabriano after starting in the lead, he began to suffer the impact of Roseto but managed to keep himself on the waterline with his triples by Centanni and Negri.

The match is intense, with the Abruzzo That they try Still to tear and fly on +7 almost 4 minutes before the long break.

THE Coach Niccolai’s boys they have a lot of difficulty in attacking Liofilchem, they lose a lot of balls and this weighs half the dispute. Roseto extends and goes ahead 47 to 36.

Fabriano puts a lot of heart into it, but Roseto is superior for offensive and defensive choices. Marche pride is shaken by one Stanic combative, who closes up to -4.

For Roseto there is an incredibly concrete and solid Maiga from beyond the arc, but i Fabrianese are still clinging to the match 10 minutes from the end. Roseto ahead 65 to 60.

Fourth period of the contest, and the battle is decided because there is still a game. Santiangeli becomes the protagonist for Roseto with two triples in a row, but Stanic and Verri don’t give up and respond blow for blow.

The game changes with Mantzaris’ triple and a (rather bizarre) technical whistled by the men in gray against Fabriano. Now Ristopro returns to -11.

5 minutes to play and 10 points left to recover, but it is right now Durante nails the 14th bomb in the evening and pushes back the Fabrianese danger back.

The minutes tick bythe commitment of the hosts is not lacking, they reach -8 with a triple from Negri but the subsequent error from Granic effectively condemning Fabriano to defeat.

At the buzzer Roseto wins 89 to 80closes the series 3 to 1 and advances to the playoffs. For Fabriano the season ends here.

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