Tensions at the top of Israel. Netanyahu: “Leaks harm the hostages”

Tensions at the top of Israel. Netanyahu: “Leaks harm the hostages”
Tensions at the top of Israel. Netanyahu: “Leaks harm the hostages”

New tensions at the top of Israel. The staff of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied the leaks regarding the negotiations for the release of the hostages in exchange for a truce, underlining that these rumors “they do nothing but strengthen the position of Hamas”.

Ahead of the start of a new round of diplomatic talks, Tel Aviv’s prime minister said that the dissemination of information regarding decisions or discussions taking place in the highest echelons of the Jewish state “they harm the families of the hostages e they delay their release”. These statements were reported by the Israeli press following the news that one of the negotiators, the reservist general Nitzan Alonwould have stated that the mandate entrusted to the delegation of which he is part would not be large enough to obtain results and that the current government will never agree to a hostage agreement.

On the contrary, the note released by the prime minister’s office states that “Netanyahu has repeatedly given the negotiating team a broad mandate to release our abductees” and is highlighted as Hamas “keep asking end of the warthe withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip leaving Hamas intact so that it can repeat the atrocities of October 7 again and again; Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly opposes this”.

Precisely regarding these points, the Times of Israel quoted the official of the terrorist group Izzat al-Rishq, according to whom the Islamist movement will remain firm in its positions and will continue to ask for a “permanent suspension it’s complete“of Israeli military operations”throughout the Gaza Strip” and, therefore, “not only in Rafah“. The representative of the Palestinian organization then accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of take time to continue the war and warned that “time is running out”. The fate of the hostages still in the hands of the terrorists therefore remains hanging on talks which, given the premises, will probably end in nothing exactly as has happened over the last few months.

In Gaza, meanwhile, fighting continues despite the ceasefire order in Rafah imposed on Israel by Israel International Court of Justice. On Sunday 26 May, Hamas terrorists launched eight rockets from the city on the border with Egypt towards the central regions of the Jewish state.

Most were intercepted by the system Iron Dome, while the others caused no deaths. Emergency service workers reported the injuries of two women, who fell while running towards shelters.

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