LIVE – Lazio – Sassuolo 1-1: Guendouzi tries, chants for Pedro and Luis Alberto

LIVE – Lazio – Sassuolo 1-1: Guendouzi tries, chants for Pedro and Luis Alberto
LIVE – Lazio – Sassuolo 1-1: Guendouzi tries, chants for Pedro and Luis Alberto

LAZIO – SASSUOLO 1-1 (60′ Zaccagni, 66′ Viti)
Olympic Stadium in Rome, 26 May 2024, 8.45 pm

LAZIO (3-4-2-1): Provedel; Marusic, Romagnoli, Gila; Hysaj, Vecino, Rovella, Pellegrini; Kamada, Zaccagni; Castellanos. Available: Mandas, Renzetti, Lazzari, Cataldi, Guendouzi, Isaksen, Pedro, Luis Alberto, Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Gonzalez. All.: Tudor.

SASSUOLO (3-5-2): Cragno; Erlic, Viti, Ferrari; Missori, Obiang, Lipani, Thorstvedt, Doig; Volpato, Mulattieri. Available: Scacchetti, Abubakar, Bajrami, Boloca, Ceide, Defrel. Kumbulla, Laurienté, Pedersen, Pinamonti, Racic, Toljan, Tressoldi. All.: Ballardini

Referee: Paride Tremolada of Monza

Assistants: Del Giovane and Moro

Fourth official: Collu

VAR: Gariglio

AVAR: Greenhouse

80′ – Tribute also for Pedro, who was also probably in his last game against Lazio. From the North the famous choir for the Spanish winger rises to the tune of Raffaella Carrà. The former Barcelona player also thanks the fans.

78′ – Luis Alberto continues his warm-up. The North pays homage to him with a banner and a chant that smells of farewell at the end of the season: “La pelota siempre al Diez. Buena suerte Luis” (The ball always goes to Ten. Good luck Luis). The Spaniard thanks and applauds.

77′ – Missori’s left foot. Powerful but imprecise attempt, curved ball.

76′ – Guendouzi tries a diagnoal from the edge after a rebound on Erlic’s face. Cragno stretches out and saves.

75′ – First substitutions also for Sassuolo. Doig and Volpato out, Toljan and Laurienté on the field.

73′ – La Nord remembers May 26, 2013. Banners appeared in the Curva with the famous commentary of Lulic’s goal in the Italian Cup derby 11 years ago.

72′ – Applause and chants when Ciro Immobile enters the field. 18 minutes plus injury time for the 17th to impact the match.

71′ – More changes for Lazio. Pellegrini and Castellanos out, Lazzari and Immobile in.

69′ – Opportunity for Felipe Anderson. From an excellent position, the biancoceleste number 7 has his shot blocked by the neroverde defence.

66′ – SASSUOLO DRAW! Free kick cut by Thorstvedt to the far post where it arrives Screws who sends the ball behind Provedel from a few steps away.

65′ – First yellow for Lazio too. Kamada is booked for a late foul against Thorstvedt.

63′ – Like a bolt from the blue, Lazio unlocks the match thanks to Zaccagni’s free kick. The celebration with all the teammates and especially the hug with Felipe Anderson was beautiful.

60′ – GOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF LAZIO! Terrifying blow of Zaccagni directly from a free kick, Cragno betrayed by the rebound and the ball into the net. Roar from the Olimpico and celebration from the Biancoceleste archer under the North.

59′ – Foul by Erlic on Pellegrini. Free kick from an interesting position for Lazio.

58′ – First burst from Felipe Anderson, however stopped by the Neroverde rearguard. More chants and applause for the Brazilian, at the last with the white and blue shirt.

56′ – Foul by Kamada in midfield on Mulattieri. Free kick for Sassuolo.

53′ – Double substitution for Lazio. Inside Felipe Anderson and Guendouzi for Vecino and Rovella. Applause and chants from the Olimpico for the Brazilian winger who takes the captaincy from Marusic.

53′ – Doig stops Zaccagni launching on the counterattack. Free kick but no card for the Scotsman.

52′ – Lipani tries with a left foot from a tight angle. Ball high over the crossbar.

51′ – Warm-ups begin on the Lazio bench. Pedro, Felipe Anderson, Guendouzi, Immobile and Luis Alberto move.

48′ – The Curva Nord has started singing again despite the disappointing first half. Something more is needed in this second half to break the deadlock.

46′ – The second half begins with the same 22 that closed the first. No changes at halftime.


45′ – Without recovery the referee sends the teams to the changing rooms. Bad first half for the Biancocelesti and whistles from the Olimpico.

44′ – Mulattieri tries. Right-footed shot from the edge of the black-green striker which however does not surprise Provedel. The Biancoceleste goalkeeper blocks without problems.

42′ – Completely wrong free kick by Thorstvedt who, in an attempt to look for a teammate in the area, sends the ball directly to the back.

40′ – Pellegrini’s cross slow and out of range. Ball directly on the bottom, will be thrown back for Sassuolo.

38′ – Too much inaccuracy in this first half for Lazio. Many missed passes from Tudor’s team who struggled to create danger.

34′ – Cross from Hysaj which crosses the entire Sassuolo penalty area. Missori worried takes refuge in the corner.

31′ – CRAGN MIRACLE ON KAMADA! Great assist from Pellegrini who serves the Japanese all alone in the area. His attempted shot was defused by the black-green goalkeeper who deflected it into a corner.

29′ – Air contact between Pellegrini and Obiang. Foul by the Lazio winger who creates a bridge. Free kick in the defensive phase for the guests.

24′ – Header by Castellanos that grazes the post, but everything was stopped due to an offside position by Marusic, author of the cross.

22′ – 20 minutes of play at the Olimpico exceeded. Only one scoring opportunity with Hysaj who failed to beat Cragno from a few meters away.

19′ – The first yellow card of the match is Volpato who holds Zaccagni for a foul. Tremolada takes out the card.

18′ – Good move by Lazio. Kamada goes away to the right, puts the ball in the center but no one manages the winning deflection.

17′ – Volpato tries with a left-footed shot from long range. Weak shot that ends in the arms of Provedel.

15′ – After a good start, the pace between Lazio and Sassuolo slows down. Study phase for the two teams that fail to strike.

10′ – Vecino bowl for Pellegrini. The flying cross from the Biancoceleste winger is deflected for a corner.

8′ – The game is played at a good pace at the Olimpico. After a proactive start by Lazio, Sassuolo is also emerging. Lively and fun game.

4′ – Sassuolo responds immediately. Cross cut by Doig on which Missori arrives on the second paolo. Oversized shot but it will be a corner for the guests.

3′ – LAZIO OPPORTUNITY! Hysaj finds himself alone in front of Cragno, but lets himself be hypnotized by the black-green goalkeeper. It remains at 0-0.

1′ – Tremolada blows the whistle. The match begins.


UPDATE 8.43 PM – Teams on the pitch at the Olimpico accompanied by the referee team and above all by the wonderful choreography of the Curva Nord. There’s very little left until kick-off.

UPDATE 8.40 PM – The tribute to Eriksson ends after the emotional tour of the pitch and the greetings of all the people of Lazio. It’s Mattia Briga’s moment who sings in Bodocampo to the tune of My Way accompanied by all those present at the Olimpico and their mobile phone torches. Chilling minutes.

UPDATE 8.30 PM – The teams return to the changing rooms. In a few minutes the entry onto the pitch and the kick-off.

UPDATE 8.27pm – The word goes to Eriksson. After people’s tribute to him, the former Italian champion coach in 2000 said: “Thank you so much for everything. It’s wonderful to see so many people. You are strong. I remember very beautiful years for me, I had a great time” . Click here to read the stadium’s full tribute to Eriksson.

UPDATE 8.23pm – The most touching moment of the evening. Sven-Goran Eriksson makes his entrance onto the green playing field amidst the applause and chants of the Biancoceleste fans. The visibly emotional Swedish coach thanks the public and shakes hands with Tudor and all his players.

UPDATE 8.12 PM – It’s Lazio’s turn. The Biancocelesti players enter the pitch amidst the applause of the Olimpico.

UPDATE 8.10 PM – First tribute from the people of Lazio for Eriksson. He shows up a banner in Curva Maestrelli.

UPDATE 8.05 PM – Here is Sassuolo welcomed by the boos of the Biancocelesti fans present at the Olimpico.

UPDATE 8.00 PM – The goalkeepers of both teams enter the field: warm-up operations begin.

Friends of, good evening from Edward Zeno and welcome to the live writing of LazioSassuolo, last day of the 2023/24 Serie A. Just one point is enough for the Biancocelesti to gain automatic access to the Europa League, while the Neroverdi have already been relegated to Serie B. Climate of great occasions at the Olimpico which will say goodbye Felipe Anderson, betrothed to Palmeiras, and will pay homage to the great guest of the evening SvenGoran Erikssoncoach of Lazio, Italian champions in 2000.

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