F1, Monaco GP: Leclerc wins at home ahead of Piastri and Sainz

Charles Leclerc triumphs in Monaco: after conquering the pole position three timesnot only is it the first time that the pilot of the Principality wins home Grand Prix, but also the first time that a Monegasque driver wins his home Grand Prix. With Ferrari not taking first place at the Monte Carlo GP since Sebastian Vettel’s victory in 2016 and with the absence of a Monegasque on the home podium since the first edition of the Formula 1 World Championship, in 1950, the streets of the most prestigious city circuit in the world, painted red, echo L’Hymne monégasque and Mameli’s anthem. Next to Leclerc, on the podium, Oscar Piastri in second position and Carlos Sainz on the lowest step.

F1, Monaco GP: Leclerc wins and the start is thrilling

Monaco GP ranking 2024 Graphics Sara Colombo

A long Grand Prix ended with a big partybut it started with two departures and a lot of apprehension experienced especially by the players Cavallino fans. In fact, when the traffic lights first went out, Leclerc started very well and, despite finding himself on the inside, in the dirtiest area of ​​the track, manages to maintain leadership over Piastri behind him. The Australian in turn finds himself involved in a brawl with the Spaniard from Ferrari who, after a head-to-head, is forced to stop in an escape route at the Casino, due to a puncture on the front left due to a contact with the bottom of Piastri’s yellow-green McLaren in memory of Ayrton Senna.
When all seems lost for Ferrari, with a car almost forced to retire, Leclerc pressured by the Australian, left alone against the two McLarens of Piastri and Norris, the announcement of a red flag arrives which completely changes the cards on the table. On the climb that leads to Massenet, Sergio Perez’s Red Bull is reduced to a sheet metal box: hit by Kevin Magnussen’s Haas trying to overtake on the right, the single-seater designed by Adrian Newey, already in difficulty since the beginning of the weekend, loses control, crashing from one guardrail and the other. Perez’s accident will put an end to the race of both Haas cars, one directly involved, the other (that of Nico Hulkenberg) passively involved in the collision, causing a long interruption in the race necessary to remove the pieces of carbon scattered from the roadway.

F1, Monaco GP: Leclerc wins and the restart after the long break

Qualifying for the Monaco GP

The restart of the Monaco Grand Prix turns out to be an unexpected stroke of luck for Ferrari which is put in a position to repair the problem with Sainz’s car, rraised a few moments before the display of the flag and, thanks to the provisions of point 57.3 of the FIA ​​International Sporting Code, recover their third position in the second starting grid. With the previous stop when the traffic lights are turned back on, all the drivers on the grid clear their pit stops by changing compounds, thus making it unnecessary to stop any further during the 78 laps scheduled.
The second start of the Monaco Grand Prix, mindful of the damage suffered by Sainz, Perez, the two Haas and the two Alpines, proves to be very clean and prudent on the part of all sixteen remaining on the grid, with however the two Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton (fifth and seventh) who try an aggressive approach on sixth place for Verstappen. The laps pass slowly and without much action, on a very narrow street circuit, where overtaking is a big gamble. Towards the fiftieth lap some drivers, including Hamilton and Verstappen, attempt an unnecessary pit stop to win the fastest lap or snatch some positions, without too much success and leading towards the end of the race a top ten unchanged compared to the starting order.

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