Causes accident while under the influence of alcohol, 47 year old reported – Photo 1 of 1

Causes accident while under the influence of alcohol, 47 year old reported – Photo 1 of 1
Causes accident while under the influence of alcohol, 47 year old reported – Photo 1 of 1

During the evening of Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2024, the soldiers of the Formia Company, they have strengthened the control of road traffic to protect all users by raising violations of the highway code against undisciplined drivers. The adverse weather conditions made road traffic even more difficult and critical, so much so that at 01:40 on Sunday night, the soldiers from the Minturno station intervened in that centre, on Via Appia 892, due to a road accident between two cars. . Specifically, the first reconstruction of the facts, carried out thanks to the immediate examination of some witnesses, under whose eyes the phases of the accident took place, ascertained the responsibility for the accident on the part of TGF cl. 77 of Caserta, who, under the influence of alcohol fumes and due to high speed, collided with another car already engaged in maneuvering. Preliminary investigations via alcohol tests determined that the man had a blood alcohol level of 1.48 g/l, just below the maximum threshold established by art. 186 of the CDS. The man was reported and his driving license was immediately withdrawn. The car was thus entrusted to its rightful owner, the man’s elderly father.

The extraordinary territorial control service was aimed at trying to repress and prosecute the phenomenon of crimes against property, intervening immediately after home burglaries take place, in order to give a perception of closeness and safety to the victims of this hateful crime.

Three young people, cl., were also reported to the competent prefectural authority of Latina. 95, 99 and 2001, one of whom has already been checked several times by the Carabinieri and always found in possession of small doses of the narcotic, declaring that he is a regular user. The young people are residents in the territory of the Formia Company, but among them there are also some transfer workers resident in Latina. Total hashish-type narcotic substance seized administratively equal to 15 grams.

  • Checked no. 81 vehicles;

  • Identify no. 138 people of which 16 have police records:

  • High no. 9 contraventions of the CDS

  • Collect no. 3 driving licenses.

  • Perform no. 5 personal vehicle searches.

  • Check no. 10 people subjected to precautionary safety measures.

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