The Cannonau from Cantina Trexenta wins the gold medal at the Grenaches du Monde

The Trexenta winery of Senorbì wins the gold medal at the prestigious Grenaches du Monde 2024 wine competition in Paris, establishing itself as an excellence in the production of Grenache wines. The prize was awarded to Cannonau di Sardegna doc Baione, the result of the passion and dedication of the Trexente wine cooperative.

The competition was born in 2013 and is dedicated to the international Grenache grape variety, the French counterpart of our Cannonau. Among the main objectives of the competition are the promotion of quality wines from the Granache grape and its varieties, but also the desire to encourage the international production and consumption of these wines.

Grenache is a widely distributed grape variety and produces rich red wines, in Spain it is known as Garnacha and in Italy as Cannonau. Believed to originate from Spain, at the end of the 20th century it was the most cultivated black grape variety in the world. Today it is around the seventh hierarchical order. Produce very fruity, rich wines that can vary widely in tannin level.

The gold medal awarded to the Baione DOC celebrates the excellence and quality of the products of the Trexenta winery, which confirms itself as one of the best Grenache producers in the world. The award at the prestigious Paris competition is not only a recognition of the undoubted quality of the product, but also of the passionate work that the Senorbì winery dedicates to every phase of production. Trexenta wines are highly appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad. They are present in France, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Holland, Czech Republic, Lithuania. United States, Japan, Canada and China.

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