Loretta Goggi leaves ‘Tale e Quale Show’: “A creature has arrived in my life who now fills my days”

Loretta Goggi leaves ‘Tale e Quale Show’: “A creature has arrived in my life who now fills my days”
Loretta Goggi leaves ‘Tale e Quale Show’: “A creature has arrived in my life who now fills my days”

Thirteen years of success, thirteen years of an indispensable fixed presence who with irony, and with the strength of a very long experience, contributed to one of Rai’s most successful programmes. But enough is enough, there are things that have priority and so Loretta Goggi has decided to leave Tale and Which Show. She will not be part of the next season of the program, as she announced in a long post.

Seventy-three years old, one of the undisputed queens of Italian entertainment, presenter, actress, singer, excellent imitator, she writes in the post: “Dear friends, here I am again! How are you? I recently spoke to you about the wonderful period I’m going through thanks to the arrival in my life of a creature who has filled my days, my thoughts and my heart with joy and tenderness, making every project or work initiative disappear from my mind”.

Goggi continues: “I know this feeling well, already encountered other times in my journey, which reminds me of what I promised myself: to always put my life first. I would never have let myself out of sight! So, every time I felt the need to look inside myself, that I sensed that something wasn’t going as it should, I didn’t let even a second pass: I immediately got off the moving train to take back what I was missing. And this is one of those moments, I feel that call for a desire that after 13 years emerges again: to be able to feel free again to stop for a while, do it another time, enjoy a period of living close to the birth of a new family and holding my first great-grandchild in my arms.”

“I tell you all this because I think you should be the first to know that I have decided not to participate in the next edition of Such and Such Show (a program that will always remain in my heart), as well as anything that could distance me from experiencing this new emotion: Costanza, her partner and the little one involve us in their story, giving back to our life a new vigor that could hardly be given away from another experience: a wave of love, joy, renewed hope and (to top it all for those of a certain age) a great desire to start making life plans again”.

Such and such Show, which aired for the first time in 2012, has always enjoyed great success for its spectacular transformations thanks to the use of make-up, costumes and intensive vocal training. It quickly became one of the most popular programs on the schedule thanks to its light entertainment and top-notch performances.

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