Baker Hughes, new multi-million dollar order in Algeria with Maire Tecnimont

Baker Hughes, new multi-million dollar order in Algeria with Maire Tecnimont
Baker Hughes, new multi-million dollar order in Algeria with Maire Tecnimont

Multi-million dollar order for Nuovo Pignone-Baker Hughes in Algeria: the consortium formed together with Tecnimont (Maire group) was awarded by Sonatrach an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract for the construction of three compressor stations, as well as for the upgrading of the gas collection, in the Hassi R’mel gas field, 550 kilometers south of Algiers. The largest deposit in Algeria, and one of the largest in the world. The overall value of the contract is approximately 2.3 billion dollars, as communicated by Maire, of which 1.7 billion belongs to Tecnimont.

The remaining 600 million are therefore the prerogative of Baker Hughes, which will supply a total of 20 compression trains based on the technology of Frame 5 gas turbines and Bcl compressors, to be installed in three gas upgrading stations within the field. The assembly of the compression trains, as well as the production of the compressors and the testing of the trains, will take place in the Italian factories of Nuovo Pignone-Baker Hughes, which has its beating heart in Tuscany.

A project to be completed in just over three years

The project involves the construction of three gas compressor stations, including turbochargers capable of compressing approximately 188 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. Furthermore, the project includes the upgrading of the collection system, which includes more than 300 km of pipelines connecting the wells. Completion is expected within 39 months from the date of entry into force of the contract. The compressor stations, together with the collection system, will maintain the pressure of the gas along the pipelines, allowing it to continue to flow efficiently and ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted supply to Italy and, consequently, to the whole of Europe.

“Today’s announcement marks an important milestone in our historic collaboration with Sonatrach on key energy projects in Algeria, which play a crucial role in providing secure energy to Europe,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, president and CEO of Baker Hughes , talking about the new order. “There is a growing consensus – he observed – on the fact that there is no possible path to decarbonise the energy ecosystem without increasing efficiency and significantly increasing the weight of gas in the overall energy mix. Energy producers face the complex challenge of ensuring safe, sustainable and affordable energy in a context of growing energy demand. We are proud to support such an important energy project in collaboration with Tecnimont.”

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