Davide Tardozzi total to MOW: “Will Marc Marquez in Ducati be a mess like Cristiano Ronaldo at Juve? CR7 won. But turning the question…” – MOW

Davide Tardozzi total to MOW: “Will Marc Marquez in Ducati be a mess like Cristiano Ronaldo at Juve? CR7 won. But turning the question…” – MOW
Davide Tardozzi total to MOW: “Will Marc Marquez in Ducati be a mess like Cristiano Ronaldo at Juve? CR7 won. But turning the question…” – MOW

It’s nice to see Pecco Bagnaia very serene in all this. He says he works very well with Enea Bastianini and that all in all you can put anyone alongside him who will only think about finishing first.

“It is true. And it is the reasoning of someone who knows he is a champion, he knows he is strong and he knows he sometimes has difficulties, so he also knows that having a fast driver alongside him in the garage can only help him. This is the awareness of his status, because he has the humility to say what is wrong, where he feels inferior and where he feels superior. But he doesn’t say it with arrogance, he says it with awareness.”

They also say that bringing Marc Marquez to Ducati will be like bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to Juve: a big mess.

“But he won.”

Are you a Juventus fan?

“No, I’m a Milan fan. So with so much suffering caused by these times. But as I said before – and I repeat – over time in this profession there are more disappointments than satisfactions. And this is why I honor victories with enthusiasm: I know that those moments are to be enjoyed to the fullest. Having said that, what do you want me to tell you? The moment is what it is. I’ll change the subject and turn the question around: Ducati has reached this point thanks to technical and strategic work. I believe we have arrived at a moment where all riders are strong. Once only Casey Stoner rode the bike, then only Dovizioso. Today everyone is riding it with interesting results, having said that, Ducati’s merit is evident as is the rider strategy we have implemented in recent years. For this reason, in my opinion, we must give honor to Ducati in this moment of reasonable general superiority. Which doesn’t mean the strongest bike and the strongest rider. I believe that the package worked well and the technical and sporting strategies too, so we have reached this point where fortunately we are first, second, third and fourth in the championship and it went like this in the last race too. In my opinion, this gives us great satisfaction. The difficult thing now is managing.”

Net of the drivers’ market, there is this theme: you are big favorites this year, next year and probably also in 2026. In fact, you have the opportunity to win five consecutive drivers’ titles. Excluding, in fact, those who will ride the red motorbike.

“There is a possibility and I hope it happens, I absolutely do not underestimate Aprilia and KTM because they are there and I expect Yamaha to return next year. But what you said is true (that Ducati can win five titles in a row, ed.) and if you want to repeat it, I’m happy. But be careful, because the opponents are strong and are investing well, as well as having acquired obvious red skills.”

Starting with Max Bartolini, new Yamaha technical manager.

“Well yes. Max is first of all a great friend and secondly a great technician, with an incredible humanity and technical and human management. There are few people like Max Bartolini in this paddock. Few”.

Do you think Honda is doing this wrong? They don’t steal enough from your house because they don’t trust you?

“No, you should be at home to judge certain things. Chapeau for what the HRC has done in the last forty, fifty years. Then he is probably paying for a change of attitude in the work methodology brought this time too, in my opinion, by Ducati. In my opinion, in the last eight years Ducati has surprised and changed the pace of this championship a bit. So we were the first to hire a young and fast test driver, the first to start testing on the tracks – when it was possible, without ever going against the rules – and then the first to test 15 days before on the track on which the GP would have been raced. All things that today are hot water, normal stuff. Yet no one had thought of it. We were the first to think that if you start strong those two lines that you can gain at the start give you a big advantage in terms of seconds… all things that are normal today, but why didn’t someone else think of it? This is Ducati’s pride.”

More than a question, it’s a feeling: looking at Gigi, it seems like he likes Marc Marquez.

“Eh… I’ll turn the question around: who doesn’t like Marc Marquez? Then whether it’s Marquez, Enea or Jorge is another matter. Marquez, like all three, has pluses and minuses. And we will have to evaluate what is right to do. It’s obvious that we like Marc, otherwise he wouldn’t be one of those three.”

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