A last day in Milanello full of emotion

A last day in Milanello full of emotion
A last day in Milanello full of emotion

Special day in Milanello. Stefano Pioli directed the last training session of his experience with the Rossoneri. Peppe Di Stefano spoke to SkySport24 to describe the climate of the last few hours.

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These are his words: “Today was the day of greetings, of emotion. Many tears that Simon Kjaer, Olivier Giroud and above all Stefano Pioli shed, because he leaves Milan, together with Milan. We’ll see what will happen in the next few days regarding the new Milan coach, ed We have been saying the chosen one for some time is Paulo Fonseca. As far as Stefano Pioli is concerned, today he gathered all the Milanello employees, doctors, cooks, warehouse workers, physiotherapists, maintenance workers, players, all on the sidelines before the coach, between a few smiles and a few tears he said thank you, because clearly the Milan did the upgrade with him and he did it together with Milan. He had never won and he did it well, he had never won the Scudetto and he did it with Milan, he brought Milan back to the Champions League for four consecutive years and they were clearly moving moments.”

photo credit: acmilan.com

The journalist then continued: “Among other things today is his last day at Milanello. As we anticipated in recent days, he will not go to Australia, he will train Daniele Bonera for that very short experience. In addition to Stefano Pioli, he also greeted Giroud. They stopped here outside Milanello because then sometimes the belly of the fans, often, in the most complicated moments, who does it blame? With the lightning rod, which was Stefano Pioli. But here today they acclaimed him and they will do so again tomorrow at San Siro because in any case inevitably the balance remains more positive than ever compared to what it has done in recent years. Together with Maldini and Massara, the managers who chose him together with Boban.”

Di Stefano concluded by saying: “He took Milan between sixth and seventh place and still brought them back to the Champions League for four consecutive seasons, once winning the Scudetto. So we have to give credit to what he did. Now the cycle was probably over, and everyone noticed it, Milan and the coach himself noticed it.”

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