Emotion and condolences for the death of Anelli. The Pope: “he promoted Christian values”

Emotion and condolences for the death of Anelli. The Pope: “he promoted Christian values”
Emotion and condolences for the death of Anelli. The Pope: “he promoted Christian values”

The news of the death of the rector of the Catholic University Franco Anelli has sparked a wave of condolences and emotion throughout Italy.
Pope francesco expressed “closeness to his mother, to his relatives as well as to the entire family of the university”, in particular underlining, in a telegram sent to the Cattolica signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, Professor Anelli’s commitment “for the promotion of Christian values ​​in the university environment, encouraging dialogue with the new generations”.

“When faced with the enigma, words cannot be pronounced without causing confusion and creating wounds. I can’t help but invite people to pray”: she said it the archbishop of Milan Mario Delpiniwho is also president of the Toniolo Institute, founding body of the Catholic University, speaking in front of the University about the disappearance of the rector Franco Anelli, who committed suicide according to the reconstruction of the investigators.
“What I can say is this: I have a memory of a professor of great competence and culture, who gave a lot to the University in some particularly challenging situations involving the Gemelli polyclinic, so there is great gratitude for the work done” he added.

The president of the CEI, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, expressed his condolences for the death of Professor Franco Anelli. “I share in the pain of the Catholic University and the Agostino Gemelli Irccs Polyclinic Foundation for the tragic passing of the Magnificent Rector, Franco Anelli. In this moment of dismay, on behalf of the Italian Episcopate, I express condolences to his mother, to her loved ones and to the entire community of the University and the Polyclinic, to which he dedicated his existence. I assure the prayers of our Church, entrusting dear Professor Anelli to the mercy of the Father”, is the message of the Archbishop of Bologna.

In all the university campuses, including Piacenza, a mass was celebrated in the late morning today.


According to investigators, there is no doubt, at the state of the investigations, about suicide in relation to the death of Franco Anelli.
The public prosecutor in Milan, Giovanna Cavalleri, in the ongoing investigations conducted by the carabinieri, will order the autopsy, which will be carried out in the next few days, as part of a file that will be opened for hypotheses, only technical, of incitement to suicide or murder negligently, to conduct autopsy examinations.

The Prosecutor’s Office is still awaiting the documents of the first investigations and in the next few hours will open the file useful for carrying out the autopsy. From what we know, no written text left by Anelli has been found at the moment.

The wave of grief

“I am deeply saddened by the passing of Prof. Franco Anelli, lawyer, esteemed jurist and Rector of the Catholic University of Milan. A person of profound humanity who dedicated his life with great passion to the education of young people according to the principles of Catholic education. My most sincere condolences go to those dear to him, to the entire University and to the Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic Foundation, to which he was deeply attached.” So the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa.

Words of condolence also from ministers Matteo Salvini, Anna Maria Bernini, Elisabetta Cancellati and Francesco Lollobrigida and from Matteo Renzi, Giuseppe Conte and Romano Prodi.

“I learned with immense pain of the death of Rector Franco Anelli. I was his student at the Catholic University and we saw each other on various occasions, the last time last week at the Senate for the graduation day of two Masters in Public Administration. All my closeness, in this difficult moment, to his family, to his loved ones and to the entire Catholic community.” So in a note there Senator from Piacenza of the League Elena Murelli.

I also arrivedthe condolences of the national president of Confapi, Cristian Camisa from Piacenza: “I learned with dismay of the death of the magnificent Rector Franco Anelli. A person of great culture and depth who dedicated his life to the University and has always worked for the growth of the University of Piacenza. Tragic news for his family and for the entire community of the Catholic University to whom I send my deepest condolences and those of the many entrepreneurs who were fortunate enough to know him and collaborate with him.”

“The disappearance of the rector of the Catholic University Franco Anelli leaves me dismayed”. He writes it on his social pages the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. “Our bond, based on esteem and affection, went far beyond the institutional relationship – he adds -. I am close to his loved ones and the University community.”

“Heartfelt condolences”. This is what they express, in a note, the Presidency of the Emilia-Romagna Council and the regional councillor’s office for the passing of the rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Franco Anelli, clinging “moved by the pain of his family and the entire university community, to which he had dedicated his life with commitment, passion and generosity”. Born in Piacenza, Anelli taught civil law at the Piacenza branch of the Cattolica until 2012 and in 2020, holding the position of rector, he signed the Pact for Work and the Climate with the Region, allowing the Lombard university to join to the document proposed and signed by the Emilia Region itself together with all the social parties.


“Deeply troubled by the news”, the Conference of Rectors and the entire university system” rally today around the academic community of the Catholic University and the Anelli family in expressing their deep condolences for the sudden passing of the rector Franco Anelli”. “Franco was above all a friend – ha Giovanna Iannantuoni, president of Crui, commented moved – a profoundly ironic man with a coherence that is rare to encounter. We will miss him very much.”
A respected jurist, Anelli had dedicated a good part of his life to his University and to the Gemelli Polyclinic, “leaving behind the indelible memory of his fellow rectors who shared long years of work with him for the well-being of the Italian academic system”.

The rector of the University of Milan Elio Franzini and the entire University community “join in mourning the loss of the rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Franco Anelli, a person of high professionalism and rare and extraordinary human qualities”. We can read it in a post published by the State University on social media.

“Dismayed and saddened by the sudden passing of the rector of the Catholic University Franco Anelli, I sympathize with the pain of the entire university community, to which the rector generously dedicated a large part of his life. I also want to remember Anelli for his commitment in recent years to the development of the Piacenza branch of the university. I express all my condolences to his family.” These are the words of Piacenza member of the Democratic Party Paola De Micheli.

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