Inside the Argotec spaceship in San Mauro: «We will produce NASA satellites» (PHOTOS) – Photo 1 of 13 – Turin News

Inside the Argotec spaceship in San Mauro: «We will produce NASA satellites» (PHOTOS) – Photo 1 of 13 – Turin News
Inside the Argotec spaceship in San Mauro: «We will produce NASA satellites» (PHOTOS) – Photo 1 of 13 – Turin News

Work on the Space Park is proceeding at forced pace, the new futuristic headquarters of Argotec, the leading company in the production of nanosatellites, which has just opened its doors in advance, presenting its “flying saucer” which is being redeveloped with an investment of 25 million euros. The Turin company has just been selected by NASA for the production of satellites as part of an agreement worth well 6 billion dollars. Yesterday we entered the “White Room”, or “Clean Room”, the large room of approximately 1,000 square meters in which the latest generation satellites will be designed, built inside the former headquarters of the Burgo paper mills, designed by the star architect Orscar Niemeyer, abandoned for 15 years.

Production underway
«The first 40 satellites for earth observation in the Iride space mission will be produced as early as June 18, in the meantime we have been chosen by NASA to supply nanosatellites and instrumentation to Meryland in the United States» explained the founder of Argotec, David Avino, during the tour of the production area, in view of the official inauguration on 14 October. The other floors will also be completed in the coming months: the second will house the offices, the third the relaxation and restaurant area. And by the end of the year the business accelerator will also be developed. «We will soon be able to transfer all our colleagues to the Space Park – explained Avino – and start what I like to think of as a new life for Argotec, which will see, among other things, 100 new hires, necessary for the production of over 50 satellites per year, about one per week.”

Inside the future
Inside the White Room there are already work tables: «There will be four stations to test the satellites, and we will have two industrial-type robots capable of screwing the pieces with maximum precision and equipped with video cameras for data collection » explained Diego Carubelli, operations manager, who then illustrated the other areas: the special chambers in which the satellites will be stressed at temperatures ranging between -80 and +180 degrees, and the technological warehouse: «Another robot, automatically guided, with a built-in trolley, it will transport the pieces from the Clean Room to the technological warehouse, built horizontally, which will contain them inside magnetically insulated boxes” the manager pointed out, in the inspection in which the members of the board also participated: Francesco Profumo, Kathy Laurini, Alberto Recchi and astronaut Paolo Nespoli. Together with the councilors Andrea Tronzano and Chiara Foglietta, and the mayor of San Mauro, Giulia Guazzora.

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