On Wednesday 22 May 2024, at 6.00 pm – at the IQBAL MASIH Theater in Formia (Via Vitruvio n. 342) – the meeting “THE EUROPE WE WANT, SOCIAL GREEN, JUST AND PEACEFUL” will be held, with the candidates of the Democratic Party in the European Parliament, Camilla Laureti And Marcus Tarquinius.

Camilla Laureti, outgoing MEP and member of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party with responsibility for agricultural policies, has collaborated on various legislative proposals for the protection of Italian products, for food safety and the climate compatibility of agricultural production; you oversaw regulatory projects for the inclusion of young companies in the production system. Furthermore, she has dealt with the impact of the climate crisis on families in conditions of energy poverty, solidarity responses to migrants, rights and policies of civil tolerance.

Marco Tarquinio, journalist, expert in domestic and international politics, was director of the newspaper “Avvenire” for 14 years. He is vice president of the Dante Alighieri Society, which deals with the diffusion of the Italian language and culture.

The reasons for his candidacy, as an independent, are based on his deep commitment to peace and against all forms of war, a mission he considers urgent, especially in Europe and beyond. Tarquinio aims to counteract the war drift that afflicts our time, promoting humility and decision, resisting the idea that solidarity is a luxury and demonstrating how hospitality is the task of every society. He believes in building a better future, based on justice, equality and freedom, while protecting the environment and preparing a more just world for future generations.

Representatives of the Democratic Party will participate in the meeting Alessandro Carta, Silvia Costa And Matteo Marcaccioas well as university professors Luca Riccardi And Fiorenza Taricone.

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