11-a-side football, Spolina and Speciale Canottieri triumph in the gold and silver groups of the SuperLeague

11-a-side football, Spolina and Speciale Canottieri triumph in the gold and silver groups of the SuperLeague
11-a-side football, Spolina and Speciale Canottieri triumph in the gold and silver groups of the SuperLeague

CANAVESE – Heart-pounding final in the silver group of the 11-a-side football SuperLeague. The Canottieri Special wins the championship. Finish on equal points with SS Real Ivrea 2009. Title for Canottieri for having won the direct clash. The Speciale Canottieri, SS Real Ivrea 2009 and FC Biella Calcio are therefore promoted to the Gold Group of the ACSI SuperLeague 2024-2025. The Biella team reaches the higher category thanks to the direct match won against PL Baldissero. ASD Real Chivasso wins the Discipline Cup.

In the gold group these are all the verdicts: GS Spolina 1968 Acsi champion of Canavese. FC The Blues and ASD Piverone Calcio are relegated to the Silver Group of the SuperLeague ACSI C11 2024-2025. FC The Blues win the Discipline Cup. Marcello Turotti (GS Spolina 1968) wins the title of top scorer with 15 goals.

SuperLeague ACSI C11 – Gold Group – Twenty-second and final day

USD Foglizzese vs ASD Piverone Calcio 3 – 1 (1-1)
Scorers: Vitale in the 15th minute (Fog), Cipolla in the 38th minute (Fog), La Pira A. (Fog); Savio in the 35th minute (Piv)

FC I Blues vs Montalenghe Calcio 0 – 6 (0-2)
Scorers: Costigliola in the 20th and 24th minutes, Palombella in the 45th minute, Vessio in the 48th minute, Marascu in the 60th minute, Magliana in the 65th minute

Real Amis 2020 vs Kanavesana19 0 – 3 (0-1)
Scorers: Graziano in the 28th minute, Cordera in the 56th minute, Pilloni in the 69th minute

Valperga17 vs ASD Frossini 1993 2 – 2 (0-2)
Scorers: Nika in the 61st minute (W17), Silvestri in the 65th minute (W17); Minneci in the 21st and 35th minutes (Fro)

ASD Oratorio Leinì vs GS Spolina 1968 3 – 2 (2-0)
Scorers: Gianinetto in the 8th minute (OL), Conte in the 35th minute (OL), Panizzari in the 48th minute (OL); Davico in the 46th and 64th minutes (Spo)

Rivara Calcio rested

52p GS Spolina 1968, 39p ASD Oratorio Leinì, 38p Real Amis 2020, 35p USD Foglizzese, 29p Valperga17, 26p Rivara Calcio, 23p ASD Frossini 1993, 19p Montalenghe Calcio, 18p Kanavesana19, 15p FC I Blues, 14p ASD Piver one Football

SuperLeague ACSI C11 – Silver Group – Twenty-sixth and final day

The Rowing Special vs FC Pavone 2 – 0 (0-0)
Scorers: Stomboli in the 55th minute, Barchi in the 73rd minute

PL Baldissero vs SSD Rivarolese 1906 3 – 1 (2-0)
Scorers: Brunero in the 11th minute (PLB), Rostagno in the 33rd minute (PLB), 68′ (PLB); Biondi in the 44th minute (R)

ASD Real Chivasso vs Indipendiente 1996 1 – 3 (0-0)
Scorers: Megna on penalty in the 57th minute (RC); Destefano-Capol in the 37th minute (I), Jendoubi in the 48th minute (I), Larghi on a penalty in the 55th minute (I)

ASD Vistrorio Red vs GSD Mezzese 1970 2 – 2 (0-2)
Scorers: Chanoux in the 60th minute (VR), Lorenzetti in the 65th minute (VR); Peretti at 6′ (Mez), Crescenzi at 34′ (Mez)

FC Bellavista vs HDemia FB 1 – 4 (1-1)
Scorers: Barbieri in the 1st minute (Bel); Sutera in the 32nd minute (HD), Pereira Dos Santos in the 39th and 63rd minute (HD), Zanotto Al. in the 58th minute (HD)

SS Real Ivrea 2009 vs US Cuceglio 1 – 1 (1-0)
Scorers: Cupane on a penalty in the 30th minute (RI); Rappoli in the 38th minute (C)

Verolengo Calcio vs FC Biella Calcio 0 – 1 (0-1)
Scorer: Di Toma in the 22nd minute

50p LA SPECIALE CANOTTIERI, 50p SS Real Ivrea 2009, 46p FC Biella Calcio, 46p PL Baldissero, 43p ASD Vistrorio Red, 42p Verolengo Calcio, 38p FC Bellavista, 34p FC Pavone, 31p ASD Real Chivasso, 30p US Cuceglio, 29p GSD Mezzese 1970 , 21p Indipendiente 1996, 20p SSD Rivarolese 1906, 18p HDemia FB
Top scorer with 16 goals Tursi Alex (SS Real Ivrea 2009)

7-A-SIDE FOOTBALL – Master Classic
Play-Off for the Canavese C7 Over35 ACSI Title

Real Perosa vs Civ City 4 – 3
Eporedia Amici del Calcio vs San Giorgio 14 – 1

Monday 20th
Aquila Nera vs Real Perosa

Tuesday 21st
Logix Sistemi GinBoca vs Eporedia Amici del Calcio

Final Thursday 24th in Rivarolo

5-A-Side FOOTBALL – Master – Play-Off for the Canavese C5 ACSI Title

RT Mustangs vs MEG 3 – 5
Panificio Genoese vs SPQR Daje de Tacco 2 – 4


Monday 20th
SV Tetti vs MEG
ASD Fa Istess vs SPQR Daje de Tacco

Final Saturday 25th at CS “El Gioviale” in Burolo

Master B – Play-Off for the Canavese Master B C5 ACSI Title

The Banfers vs Calabbria UTD 5 – 1
ASD Hammers vs Lei Ce Sta 1 – 3


Tuesday 21st
FC Dudu vs The Banfers
RoMoretti vs Lei Ce Sta

Final Saturday 25th at the CS “El Gioviale” in Burolo

Master C – Play-Off for the Canavese Master C C5 ACSI Title

Quarter finals
I Cusin vs Bollengo Brothers 5 – 3
ASD Carema vs Red Devils Futsal 5 – 6 dcr (3-3)
I Cigni vs Delia’s Team 8 – 9 dcr (6-6)
San Lorenzo vs ASD Zero Alcool 2006 3 – 1


Wednesday 22
I Cusin vs Red Devils Futsal
San Lorenzo vs Delia’s Team

Final Saturday 25th at the CS “El Gioviale” in Burolo

Master D Energy Gold – Play-Off for the Canavese Master D C5 Energy Gold ACSI Title

Quarter finals
FC Strambino vs ASD Charlatans Ivrea 12 – 3
HDemia FB C5 vs US Cuceglio C5 3 – 5
Val del Lys vs Punta Cattiva 9 – 8 dcr (5-5)
ASD Sparone vs CSK Il Morto 7 – 5


Thursday 23
FC Strambino vs US Cuceglio C5
ASD Sparone vs Val del Lys

Final Saturday 25th at the CS “El Gioviale” in Burolo

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