May 18, almanac of the day

It happened today, the almanac of the day: the historical and political facts, who was born and who left us. What happened on May 18th

Historical events

14 – Agrippina the elder and the little “Caligula” leave Rome to reach Ara Ubiorum (current Cologne) and reunite with Germanicus Julius Caesar.
1012 – Consecration of Pope Benedict VIII
1190 – Third Crusade: the crusaders led by Frederick Barbarossa and Frederick VI of Swabia win the battle of Iconium against the Sultanate of Rum
1198 – Coronation of Frederick II Hohenstaufen as king of Sicily in Palermo Cathedral
1450 – Jack Cade’s rebels are driven from London by loyalist troops, causing the rebellion to collapse
1593 – Charges of heresy against playwright Thomas Kyd lead to an arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe

1631 – In Dorchester, Massachusetts, John Winthrop the Elder takes the oath of office and becomes the first governor of Massachusetts.
1652 – Rhode Island passes the first law making slavery illegal in North America
1743 – Pope Benedict XIV publishes the Letter Nimiam licentiam, on the deplorable ease with which the rules on the celebration of marriages are derogated
1765 – Fire destroys a neighborhood in the city of Montreal, Quebec
1783 – Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada – The first United Empire Loyalists reach Parrtown
1803 – Napoleonic Wars: The United Kingdom revokes the Treaty of Amiens and declares war on France
1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed emperor by the French Senate
1848 – Opening of the first German National Assembly (Nationalversammlung) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

18 m1863 – American Civil War: Siege of Vicksburg begins (ends July 4)
1869 – Surrender of the Ezo Republic to Japan and its dissolution
1896 – In the Chodynka camp, near Moscow, 1,389 people die crushed by the crowd gathered to celebrate the coronation of Nicholas II of Russia
1900 – The United Kingdom proclaims a protectorate over Tonga
1910 – Earth passes through the tail of Halley’s comet
1917 – World War I: The Selective Service Act is passed by the United States Congress and gives the president the power to draft conscripts
1933 – New Deal: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the act creating the Tennessee Valley Authority

1944World War II: Battle of Monte Cassino – The Germans evacuate Monte Cassino and the Allied forces capture the stronghold after a resistance of four long months.
World War II: The deportation of the Crimean Tatars by the Soviet government begins
1948 – The first Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China officially meets in Nanjing
1951 – The UN Security Council condemns Israel for the attack on Syria, and orders the Jewish state to bring back the expelled inhabitants
1951 – Ruben Rausing presents the first Tetra Pak food packaging
1953 – Rogers Dry Lake, California: Jacqueline Cochran becomes the first woman to break the sound barrier (she flew an F-86 Sabrejet at an average speed of 1,049.83 km/h)
1956 – First ascent of Lhotse by a Swiss expedition

1958 – An F-104 Starfighter sets the world speed record at 2,259.82 km/h
1969 – Apollo Program: Apollo 10 launched
1974 – As part of Project Smiling Buddha, India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon, becoming the sixth nation to have such a weapon.
1976 – The climate of terror in Argentina worsens after the coup d’état; one hundred and twenty-six corpses riddled by machine gun fire were found; the number of kidnapped and missing people (desaparecidos) rises to several hundred
1980 – Mount St. Helens, Washington state, erupts, killing 57 people and causing $3 billion in damage
1986 – Pope John Paul II publishes the encyclical Dominum et Vivificantem, on the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and the world
1990 – The TGV Atlantique n.25 (TVG325) conquers the speed record for conventional railway vehicles reaching 515.3 km/h

1993 – After eleven years on the run, mafia boss Nitto Santapaola is arrested at dawn. He was hiding in Sicily, in the countryside of Mazzarrone (Catania)
1995 – Alain Juppé becomes Prime Minister of France
1998 – Microsoft antitrust case: The US Department of Justice and 20 US states open antitrust proceedings against Microsoft.
Second ministerial conference in Geneva (Switzerland) of the World Trade Organization
1999 – Carlo Azeglio Ciampi begins his mandate as President of the Republic
2005 – During an Italian expedition on Annapurna, an avalanche overwhelms the mountaineers, causing the death of Christian Kuntner, originally from Alto Adige
2006 – Nepal declares itself a secular state with a parliamentary resolution
2018 – At Havana airport, a plane crashing into the ground while taking off, killing 107 passengers

Saints of today

Saint John I, pope and martyr
Saint Bartolomea Capitanio, virgin
Saint Dioscorus, martyr
Saint Erik IX of Sweden, king
Saint Felix of Cantalice, Capuchin friar minor
Saint Felix of Split, bishop and martyr
Saint Leonard Murialdo, priest
Saint Potamon, martyr
Saints Theodotus, Tecusa, Alexandra, Claudia, Faina, Euphrasia, Matrona and Giulitta, martyrs
Saint Venantius of Camerino, martyr
Blessed Bartolomea Carletti of Chivasso, virgin Poor Clare, foundress
Blessed Blandina of the Sacred Heart, religious
Blessed Burchard of Beinwil, priest
Blessed William of Toulouse, priest
Blessed Marcin Jan Oprzadek, priest and martyr
Blessed Stanisław Kubski, priest and martyr

Born today May 18th

Enrico Brignano (1966)
Frank Capra (1897)
Giovanni Falcone (1939)
Pope John Paul II (1920)
Bertrand Russel (1872)
Paolo Vallesi (1964)

Deaths today May 18th

Chris Cornell (2017)
Alberto La Marmora (1863)
Enzo Tortora (1988)
Giampiero Galeazzi (1946)

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