The chimney goes on fire, a policeman off duty takes the 89-year-old owner to safety |

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In the quiet village of Rocchetta e Croce, in the province of Caserta, an accident occurred which could have had disastrous consequences. The chimney of the home of an 89-year-old lady accidentally caught fire, putting the lives of the inhabitants at risk.

It was an evening like many others, when a Forestry Carabiniere, who was in Rocchetta e Croce for a visit to his parents, noticed a thick blanket of smoke and flames spreading on the roof of a nearby house. Although he was free from duty, the Carabiniere understood that he had to intervene immediately to save anyone inside the house.

With the help of a person he knew in the village, he quickly went to the burning house. There he found the elderly lady, completely unaware of the danger, who was having an animated discussion with her 60-year-old daughter. Her daughter tried in vain to convince her mother to move away from the fireplace and leave the house.

Without hesitation, the Carabiniere entered the house and noticed that the fireplace was still lit. He immediately explained to the old lady that he had to leave the house without delay. With the help of his neighbor and his daughter, he managed to accompany the woman to a safe place, in the adjacent courtyard.

A few minutes later, health workers from the “118” service arrived on site and found that both women were in good health, despite the danger to which they had been exposed.

In the meantime, the fire had partially destroyed the wooden covering of the roof, but thanks to the timely intervention of a team from the Teano Fire Brigade, the flames were put out and the building was made safe.

The rapid and courageous action of the Forestry Carabiniere avoided a tragedy and saved the life of the homeowner. The community of Rocchetta e Croce is grateful for the professional and timely intervention which demonstrated great dedication to public service.

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