Premier League clubs will vote to eliminate VAR from 2024/25

Clubs from the world’s biggest league could decide to remove technology from English football

In the’annual general meetingwhich will be held next month, the clubs of Premier League they will vote on a proposal for abolish the Var starting next season. Used in England since 2019, it has often raised doubts among experts and English fans. The season that is about to end was full of several controversial episodeswhich led, according to The Athletic, to a resolution that was formally presented to the Premier League by Wolverhamptonasking for the abolition of the Video Assistance Referee.

The vote will take place at the meeting in Harrogate on next June 6th. A Premier League spokesperson said: “The Premier League can confirm that it will facilitate a discussion on VAR with our clubs at next month’s annual general meeting. Clubs have the right to present proposals at shareholder meetings and we recognize the concerns and issues surrounding the use of VAR. The decision to introduce it was made in good faith and with the best interests of football and the Premier League at its heart, but numerous unforeseen negative consequences are damaging the relationship between fans and footballundermining the value of our brand”. Clubs have the constitutional right to propose changes to the rules, with any proposal that requires a two-thirds majority (14-6) to be approved.

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