Milan’s eastern ring road, serious accident

Milan’s eastern ring road. Serious accident on the A51: motorcyclist with red code

Milan, 15 May 2024 – A serious road accident occurred this morning on the A51 SUD – Eastern Ring Road of Milan, at exit 2/1 Via Emilia – Rogoredo – San Donato.

A 29-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured and was transported in code red to the Niguarda hospital, where he was rescued on the Eastern ring road of Milan.

Dynamics of the accident

According to initial information, the motorcyclist was thrown from his motorbike following a collision with a car. A medical vehicle, an ambulance and the police intervened on site to investigate the case.

Condition of the injured

The motorcyclist suffered trauma to his chest, lower and upper limbs. His condition is serious and he was transported under code red to the Niguarda hospital.

Traffic at a standstill

The accident caused long queues southbound on the A51, with traffic blocked for around 7 kilometres. The situation was gradually resolved, but traffic slowed down significantly for several hours.

Advice for motorists

Motorists are advised to use caution and reduce speed near the accident site. It is important to follow the instructions of the police and traffic police.


Updates on the condition of the injured person and the traffic situation will follow.


This is yet another road accident to occur on the A51. It is important to remember that prudence and respect for the rules are essential to avoid such tragedies.

Further information

  • Motorway section: A51 SUD – Eastern ring road (MI)
  • Exit: 2/1 Via Emilia – Rogoredo – San Donato
  • Type of accident: Motorcycle/car collision
  • Wounded: 1 motorcyclist aged 29 years
  • Code: Red
  • Destination hospital: Niguarda
  • Emergency vehicles involved: Medical vehicle, ambulance, law enforcement

We invite all motorists to drive carefully and respect the rules of the road.

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