eight cars set on fire

Fermo, 16 May 2024 – A flash and then the flames that have enveloped as many as five cars (video). A arson the one that broke out last night in a private car park on Via Lauretana, a few hundred meters from the archiepiscopal seminary of Fermo. And then, within half an hour, a new alarm a Porto Sant’Elpidio where three other cars were set on fire in via Ancona. The series of fires has started in Fermo, shortly after midnight, when a resident noticed the fire developing not far from his home. He immediately realized that they were cars that were burning and immediately alerted the firefighters, also because the smoke and flames were getting dangerously close to the adjacent houses.

Eight cars set on fire between Fermo and Porto Sant’Elpidio

The firefighters, given the gravity of the situation, immediately intervened on the spot with two tankers, put out the fires with considerable difficulty and made the area safe.

Fortunately there were no injuries or poisoning, but three cars were lost completely destroyed and the other two partially damaged. Carabinieri and police are also on site, trying to understand whose hand started the fire and why the vehicles were set on fire. Investigators are also asking themselves the same questions about the arson of the three other vehicles in Porto Sant’Elpidio. Also in this case there is an unknown hand who, with the use of accelerant, started the fire in via Ancona, keeping the firefighters busy on two fronts. The police are also investigating this case and are trying to understand if there is one correlation between the two fires. The statements of the provincial fire brigade commander, Matteo Monterosso, were cautious: “Such an alarming event necessarily requires the launch of investigations to confirm the malicious nature of the fire and the reasons that could underlie the facts. And this is what we are doing in cooperation with the carabinieri.” The cars burned in Fermo were all owned by residents and were located in a private, fenced car park. These are people with clean criminal records and for whom it is It’s difficult to think of an intimidating gesture or revenge. The same goes for the owners of the cars in Porto Sant’Elpidio who, moreover, have no connection with those in Fermo. So what could have happened? What could be the invisible thread connecting the fires?

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