Behind the scenes of the Church of San Marco in Camporosso

Behind the scenes of the Church of San Marco in Camporosso
Behind the scenes of the Church of San Marco in Camporosso

There Church of San Marco Evangelista it’s a Catholic place of worship located in the municipality of Camporossoin via alla Chiesa.

Seat of the parish of the same name of the vicariate of Bordighera and Valle Nervia of the diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo, its history starts from early 15th century approximatelyto which the first information contained in documents of the sacred building.

At the time the church was insufficient compared to the needs of the population and in 1505 the desire to build a new sacred buildingdedicated to Purification, which however was never built.

The site of San Marco was subjected to a general renovation between 1506 and 1514, as a parish church to replace the ancient sacred place dedicated to St. Peter. In this period it was officially consecrated to Saint Mark the Evangelist.

During the sixteenth century the church was equipped with a significant group of pictorial works, partly still preserved and viewable inside it. Further works by restoration they were completed between 1666 and 1671 and subsequently starting from 1710 and up to 1777, for over sixty years.

It is noteworthy that, while the other centers of Western Liguria took the decision to rebuild local churches medieval in baroque form, the Municipality of Camporosso chose to remodel the existing sacred buildingadapting it to new needs of worship and maintaining the‘three nave structure.

Inside the structure they are present statues, paintings, frescoes; located above the entrance, theorgan, frescoed in a soft pastel shade. In the left nave there is a case containing a statue of crucified Christwhile in the one on the left it is possible to admire a sculpture of San Marco and, near it, one dress that belonged to him on display.

In the video report at the beginning of the article, the images of the Church of San Marco Evangelista and its history.

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