«We welcome a territory with a humanitarian vocation», Elly Schlein pushes towards Europe • The Gorizia area

«We welcome a territory with a humanitarian vocation», Elly Schlein pushes towards Europe • The Gorizia area
«We welcome a territory with a humanitarian vocation», Elly Schlein pushes towards Europe • The Gorizia area

Visit to Gradisca d’Isonzo for the national secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, in the early afternoon today (Wednesday 15 May). Welcomed by the outgoing mayor Linda Tomasisigfrom the regional secretary Caterina Conti and from the provincial one – as well as the region’s only candidate for the Democratic Party in the European elections – Sara VitoSchlein gave his support to Vito herself and the mayoral candidate for the centre-left of the Fortezza, Alessandro Pagotto.

The invitation to contain the nationalist right, the appeal for a ceasefire in the Middle East and the references to the CPR described as “a tragedy due to the obsession with the walls to be raised” were the first topics touched on by the national secretary, who underlined : «Gradisca is a territory that has a humanitarian vocation in a Europe that must remain a project of peace». Then, on healthcare: «Fedriga and Meloni are performing the right to public health is inaccessible in favor of private spending while health spending compared to GDP is falling.” Space for the topic of long waiting lists, the fight against demographic aging, the inclusion of people with disabilities.

«Care is the first and greatest collective responsibility to have – argues Schlein – we need to pay more attention to mental health, psychological support, invest in nursery schools and prevent women from giving up work.” Elly, you also spoke out in favor of equal leave for both parents. Speaking again about work, you defended the PD’s proposals on guaranteed minimum wage because “below 9 euros an hour is not work, but exploitation” and at the same time reported the voices of entrepreneurs who expressed their concern about the delays in European financing deriving from Pnrr funds.

«Enough of tax havens in Europe – he continues – let’s continue on NextGeneration Eu and on the search for new balances with the environment”. And again, the invitation not to join the exploitation of the right on immigration. On the subject of the environment, the secretary said her firm yes to the energy communities, reiterated her commitment to reducing emissions and made an appeal to free ourselves from fossil fuel energy.

«Let’s work hard for it establish a European search and rescue mission at sea – concludes Schlein – and to share responsibilities for reception» without forgetting the harmful differentiations between the children who make up the school classes. There is a risk of giving way to the Right of rhetoric and irregularity.” For his part, the candidate for mayor Alessandro Pagotto – visibly excited – he said he was fully in line with what was expressed by Schlein «from which many useful and interesting ideas came».

The pro-Pagotto coalition is made up of five lists which will be presented on Tuesday 21 May at 6pm in Sala Bergamas. At today’s meeting, however, there were about a hundred people and several local administrators from nearby municipalities. Also intervened secretary of the city club, Antonio Pollino who spoke of an “extended Center-Left that works on content because this is what makes the difference with other coalitions”.

Before Schlein’s arrival, Sara Vito pushed on health, social, school and healthcare. «This is where we need to take back the square – she stated – we are not Eurosceptics and we are not the ones who wanted Italexit. We are against the Northern League’s outbursts Vannacci and against the anti-vax candidates of Fratelli d’Italia.” It was Secretary Conti who said no to borders, barriers and fake border controls, speaking out for a united Europe.

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