Friends, shameful truth one step away from the final: students forced to do it every day to stay in the program

Friends, the terrible backstory Source @Instagram –

One step away from the final, the atrocious truth emerges about Maria De Filippi’s program: the kids would be forced to do it every day: that’s what it’s about.

Friends of Maria de Filippi he has now reached the end of his life 23rd edition. Like every year, the quality of the program increases with ever new talents and a reflection of today’s young people. A few steps away from the final, the May 18thhowever, a terrible backstory has emerged regarding the young competitors.

After the last episode in which we threw a sigh of relief for Sarah, thanks to the production’s decision not to exclude her from the final goal. With her version of the famous song by Carla Bruni, That’s what you told meenchanted the audience at home and the judges who fortunately decided to reconsider his elimination.

In the final, therefore, there will be 6 competitors: Petit, Midas, Dustin, Marisol, Sarah and Holden and we are not very curious to find out who will be the new winner of one of the talent show most followed ever dedicated to dancing and singing.

The young contestants had to do numerous sacrifices to get to the final. Their training table is indeed full of commitmentsyet this does not take them outside of their normal daily affairs.

Friends, the terrible truth has emerged

As we know, the Amici school is not easy and there are some very specific rules to be respected in order to stay in the program. Maria De Filippi, with this Talent, has made the dreams of many young talents come true over the years, many of whom are have become household names of the Italian music scene and very famous dancers.

There are many kids who decide to participate in the program to become like the artists they have seen studying at this school and improve more and more professionally. Alessandra Amoroso, Emma, ​​Elodie… these are just some of the now famous names at the top of the charts, but to become like them, the guys from Amici they have to earn their place at home and hard work in the rehearsal room is not enough!

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Forced to do it every day

In Maria de Filippi’s talent show, the kids are asked not only to engage in lessons, but also at homein fact they must all provide and help with house cleaningwhich always generates a lot of contrast between them, but that’s not all they are forced to do every day.

In Amici, therefore, the kids are asked to be responsible, of knowing how to provide for themselves and being able to live together, without neglecting their studies, obviously this takes up a lot of their time, but it is essential to ensure that they can take responsibility. This commitment to be able to stay in the house, obviously it also concerns meals. Despite being followed by a nutritionistespecially dancers, in general boys can eat and cook yourself what they want, in this way they are made autonomous and disciplined.

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