Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga, interviews with the cast of the film. VIDEO

Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga, interviews with the cast of the film. VIDEO
Furiosa – A Mad Max Saga, interviews with the cast of the film. VIDEO

On the eve of the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival of the fifth chapter of George Miller’s iconic saga, the author and his two main actors, Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, talked about what they think of the characters they play on the big screen. Here’s what to know about the Furiosa epic which will debut in Italian cinemas on May 23rd

After the first stages of a global tour that started in Australia at the beginning of May, the star of Furiosa A – Mad Max Saga, Anya Taylor-Joy and his adventure companion Chris HemsworthI am landed together with George Millerthe creator of the successful action saga, al Cannes Film Festival (THE SPECIAL) which houses the film in the Out of Competition section for his first screening ever.
Waiting for the big evening dedicated to the film, the fifth of the saga Mad Max, the two Hollywood stars met the press to discuss their characters who, from the first images and in the trailers, attracted the attention of fans for their strength and character. The interviews referred to in this article are by Denise Negri.

Furiosa A – Mad Max Saga: the plot

Furiosa A – Mad Max Saga will arrive in Italian cinemas next May 23rd but there are already so many things to tell about film number five of the adventure and post-apocalyptic saga Mad Maxwhose last title dates back to 2015, the year of release of the acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road.
It is precisely to this feature film that the new film acts as a prequel, since it tells the story the events of Furiosa as a young womanthat is, before becoming the war captain that the public got to know thanks to Charlize Theron, in one of the most famous roles of her career.
In the new adventure Furiosa, torn as a child from the Green Place of the Many Mothers, must put together the means to find her way home while surviving the dangers of the desert.
Prisoner of the horde of motorcyclists led by Warlord Dementus – villain played by Chris Hemsworth – will end up in the middle of the clash of the latter col young Immortan Joe. The Odyssey to return home will also become the path that will allow her to find herself for the protagonist.

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George Miller recounts the birth of the myth of Furiosa

George Millerthat for Furiosa A – Mad Max Saga worked, as always, on multiple levels, both behind the camera and on the script, collaborating with the co-writer of Mad Max: Fury Road Nico Lathouris also for this screenplay, he told the microphones of Sky TG24 (interview at the top of the article) who, in making this spectacular new feature film, tried to answer a specific question: “What do we have inside, as childrenwhich evolves, develops, until we become who we are now?”, asks the author.
The furious drive towards life and the search for the affections from which she had been torn away is the reason that pushes Furiosa to undertake her path of emancipation and growth but the question can also be asked of all the other characters who also populate Fury Road. What happens if we take someone out of the environment they grew up in and force them to use all their resources to the limit, for a long period of time?

Anya Taylor-Joy: “I love Furiosa and her resilience”

Anya Taylor-Joy revealed that what she loved most about the film’s protagonist, the young FuriosaAnd his resilient character.
The twenty-eight-year-old diva explained in interviews with the press present at Cannes that “it’s nice to see a film in which a woman try to find your way in a world destroyed by savage men”. Miller’s latest muse added: “I believe that many women will recognize themselves in her, somehow”. And she concluded, again regarding her Furiosa: “The aspect I prefer most is her total inability to submit, to remain passive”
Strong and very aware, the Miami-born actress has entered the character so much that she continues to dress her style even in the promotional tour of the film. Like many of her colleagues, Anya Taylor-Joy is doing wardrobe choices themed with the film for his appointments with the press. It is not uncommon, recently, to see her dressed in black or leather, a look that they recall the spirit of his Furiosa on the big screen.

Hemsworth: “Dementus, a charismatic leader”

Chris Hemsworth, however, said that what intrigued him most about his character was Dementusit’s his ability to make proselytes in such a wild place. “I figured he had to have it anyway a certain charisma,” said the actor who continued: “I thought he had a sense of humor all his own, which is why people love being around him. He promises to take away their suffering, to take care of them, to have the answers and to give hope to those who have completely lost it.”

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