Valle d’Aosta, La Thuile Infinity Trekking is born, 520 km of paths in the Alps

La Thuile Infinity Trekking is born, a network of 520 kilometers of paths among the mountains, lakes, villages and waterfalls of La Thuile: a true alpine paradise to be discovered at the slow pace of the trekkerLa Thuile Infinity Trekking, 520 km of trails in the Aosta Valley

La Thuile, nestled in the Aosta Valley, is a true naturalistic paradise and a well-known destination for trekking, mountain biking and outdoor lovers in general.

With the new Thuile Infinity Trekking initiative, the entire trail network is rationalized to offer a real network at the service of trekkers.

It is a system of paths that extends between 1,440 and 3,486 meters above sea level, suitable for all skill levels.

With over 50 routes available, hikers can explore pristine environments, enjoying the rejuvenating energy of nature in the shadow of majestic peaks, with Mont Blanc dominating the horizon.

Over 520 km of paths cross this territory in total, unique for enthusiasts.

La Thuile, a naturalistic paradise in the Alps

La Thuile is a spectacle of imposing mountains, tranquil valleys and uncontaminated landscapes.

Nature manifests itself in all its majesty, welcoming visitors among unique colors and scents.

From mighty peaks to crystalline springs, everything evokes wonder.

The thousand-year-old forests and lakes offer refuge to a varied fauna and flora.

La Thuile is a true paradise, with still wild corners to be discovered at the slow pace of the walker.

A wonder of the Alps, among mountains, waterfalls and villages to explore on foot

The variety of routes is surprising: from the Rutor waterfalls, among the most powerful in the region, to the Rutor glacier, one of the largest in western Italy.

Not to mention the 22 Alpine lakes, a true heritage of the Alpine ecosystem, which offer refuge to the local flora and fauna.

And then mountain and historic villages, guardians of traditions and flavors that make the entire experience of slow travel fascinating.

Some paths can be tackled independently, while others require the accompaniment of expert mountain guides.

The numbers of La Thuile Infinity Trekking are a real treat for trekking enthusiasts: 55 tours, 520 km of paths, 210 hours of walking in total, 37,900 meters of altitude difference and 2 km of accessible flat rings.

Furthermore, the Piccolo San Bernardo cable cars will be in operation from 22 June to 8 September, allowing you to reach the paths without using a car.

To make travel easier, two shuttles are available that connect Colle San Carlo, the centre, La Joux and the Piccolo San Bernardo pass.

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