«Tragedy was touched. A shocking awakening for everyone”

STOPPED Five cars destroyed by fire in via Lauretana in Fermo, another three in via Ancona in Porto Sant’Elpidio. Tens of thousands of euros in damage and a lot of fear in the night….

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STOPPED Five cars destroyed by fire in via Lauretana in Fermo, another three in via Ancona in Porto Sant’Elpidio. Tens of thousands of euros in damage and a lot of fear in the night. Shock awakening for dozens of people shocked by what happened. In Porto Sant’Elpidio the very high flames touched several houses. “If the firefighters hadn’t intervened immediately it would have been a tragedy,” say residents still in disbelief after the nightmare night. «They threw petrol on the bonnet of the car – says one of the injured residents – the damage is extensive. A shocking awakening for everyone.”

The tales

Three charred vehicles. Two unrecognizable, the third was halfway saved. «I was sleeping, while my wife was in front of the TV and she heard a bang. She looked out and saw my daughter’s car on fire. I ran out and at least I managed to save what could be saved by moving mine.” A neighbor who didn’t suffer any damage is a little calmer but indignant. “They came to commit crimes here because this is a closed road with no traffic and there is a camp next to it, an escape route.” A lady busy cleaning the house shows the carpet blackened by smoke and comments: “They came, they threw petrol on the cars to divert attention, unacceptable.” Not far away is her husband, owner of a 30 thousand euro Nissan Qashqai that has practically been reduced to a wreck. “We consulted the lawyer, he told us that if the police manage to catch the culprit, perhaps I can get something back but these are criminals, of course they don’t pay anything”, he concludes dejectedly. Another victim of the Elpidio arson attacks is a woman who can’t rest, walking up and down the street, still shocked by what happened. “Do you realize? – says the owner of a Renault Megane Scenic – when I went down the street, I saw the car on fire and I couldn’t do anything! It was second hand, I bought it last year.” There is nothing left of the car, just scrap metal. “I heard the shots one after the other and I thought someone was shooting firecrackers,” reports a boy. «We went to the police but they don’t say anything, the whole thing is to understand if there is a connection with the fires in Fermo» reflects a girl while the tow truck takes away the ruins and cleans the road. A young woman from the balcony says: “It was one o’clock last night, I was watching TV and I heard those bangs, everyone was screaming in the street and there was smoke everywhere.” Scenes not dissimilar to Fermo. «I was in the bathroom – says a resident – it was just after midnight. I heard a noise like when a fire is lit, a blaze, then the sound of a car driving off. Shortly after the glow of the fire. I immediately called the fire brigade and ran out to save my car, which was parked right next to the others.” Another woman, owner of one of the destroyed cars: «My husband and I were in bed – she says, still in shock – we were woken up by the police. We can’t understand what could have happened. I am a housewife, my husband is a technician. This is a slightly isolated but super quiet area, nothing like this has ever happened.”


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