they show him the video in which he pushes Giuntoli away, he explains everything

Allegri gave his version of the gesture towards Giuntoli during the celebrations of the Italian Cup won by Juventus.

“Was I mad at Giuntoli? Nothing happened, I respect society and men a lot.” As Massimiliano Allegri he tried to tone down the controversy that arose over his gesture towards Giuntoli during the celebrations of the Italian Cup won by Juventus against theAtalanta. The coach of the Juventus team replies while they show him the video in which he pushes the manager away

The coach from Livorno let himself go and opened up much more than usual about his future. During the interview with Mediaset, a slip of the tongue makes us understand a little about the situation within the Juventus environment: “I’m leaving… if I were to leave Juventus, seeing as they’re already letting me go, I’m leaving a strong Juventus.”

Allegri pressed the ‘respect’ issue a lot and even when the question no longer has the same focus as the previous ones he brings it back there: “It’s a question of respect and behaviour, I’m very happy to be part of this glorious club. I have to thank Juventus because in these eight years they have given me the opportunity to win many trophies.”

Giuntoli confirms Allegri at Juve: “At the end of the season we will plan the future, happy with his work”

Relations within sports management have evidently been tense for some time and the constant rumors about a possible separation at the end of the year, despite Allegri having another year on his contract, have not helped to improve them. If we add to this that a few weeks ago Galliani told the Livorno coach about a dinner with Giuntoli to talk about the transfer market, then things are irremediably compromised.


Still on the future, Allegri continued as follows: “I believe that it is within the right of a club to decide, for me it was an important evening, it was a final, I have had enough fun in my career, crazy stadium with wonderful fans on both sides, I had fun and I hope to experience more in my career ”.

Regarding the final won and the team, he concluded as follows: “I’m very happy for the boys, they brought joy to the club, to the fans and to me. Winning is never easy but it is in Juventus’ DNA.”

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